[Guide]ConVoy Encyclopedia: From 1 to lv75, Rebirth

[Guide]ConVoy Encyclopedia: From 1 to lv75, Rebirth

Con Voy Encyclopedia: Lv1 to Lv75, Rebirth & Beyond

This guide is more of a next step compared to all the other Con Voy guides already there. I started playing TOP during the beginning of June 2007, until now. My first character was a Crusader, then I went on to a Champion so I can tank Island of Fortune mobs, then I finally decided a pure Spr Voy is the way to go. I’m a lv82 pure Con Voy playing with Guild Zz on Rainbow Isle, and I will show you a complete and clear guide on how to go from a lv8 pure Spr Voy to a lv75+ pure Con/Rebirthed Voy. Enjoy!

*Please completely finish reading the entire guide before you actually start your character; then come back to it to start your Voyager step-by-step!!


Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Choosing Your Stats
Chapter 3: Choosing Your Skills
Chapter 4: Choosing Your Equipment
Chapter 5: Dealing With Corals
Chapter 6: Levelling, Levelling, Levelling
Chapter 7: Dark Swamp: Preparing for Rebirth
Chapter 8: Completing the Language Barrier Quest
Chapter 9: Ship Building/Ship Levelling
Chapter 10: Mirage City Experience
Chapter 11: Lv75 & Rebirth
Chapter 12: Beyond


Chapter 1: The Beginning
Every class you choose, you always ask yourself why? Well, in my case, and definitely being a high level pure con Voyager, I chose being a Voyager for the following reasons:
1)        Fortune mobs took an extremely long time to kill with my champ, who was pure con btw
2)        Once my friend did the Language Barrier Quest, over 4 days, I thought I’d make a Sea Voy only for that
3)        Other than that, I loved how Lance characters looked with an afro; I’m afro now, and afro forever =D
So, really, when I started with my Voy, my main aim was to do the Language Barrier Quest and claim the rewards that follow; more to come on this. Also, to take care of my levelling which I was planning to achieve using my lv61 champ; more to come on levelling later on.

Good & Bad

Good, and definitely, fun things about being a Voyager are the following:
1)        Can dominate Sea AND Land
2)        Can deal high damage (Spr Voys)
3)        Can tank mobs and level up quickly at high levels (Con Voys)
4)        Can kill multiple enemy targets at once
5)        Can Spartan (hide inside) mobs in PK areas and be able to damage multiple enemies
6)        Can stun players inside Chaos Argent for a short duration using their skill Conch Ray
Bad, but definitely, not upsetting especially since this guide reaches higher levels and beyond:
1)        Can’t tank multiple mobs, at least without Cakes and/or Healing Pots(Spr Voys)
2)        Will take a long time levelling up at lower levels since damage is low (Con Voys)
3)        Experience extreme difficulty PvPing Sharpshooters(SS), Crusaders, Seal Masters(SM), and Clerics; applies to SPR Voys
4)        Can’t run from place to place in a maze full of mobs, for example FC, DS, or DW (Spr Voys)
5)        Need lots of Corals, especially strike which you can’t recharge and need to buy new ones (At first I thought this is a bad thing, but then I  started realizing things soon to be mentioned)

Here We Go
Since my guide is in fact from Lv1 to Lv75, I will take you step by step, all the way through from point A to point Z. First of all, complete your 1st Class Promotion Quest, ... &extra=page%3D1by Yotup.

The Newbie Guide will help you to level up from lv1 to lv5 in minutes, then go on and complete the mini quests she gives you, which involve killing monsters/collecting items. Once you reach Lv8, you are officially a potential Disciple, at that level you should try and find a Mentor; follow this link for the Mentor/Disciple Guide: ... &extra=page%3D2by TwilightHikari.

Alright, at this point, just find yourself a nice place to sit, I would go with Shaitan City Fountain, and read this chapter by chapter. Don’t worry; you’re getting closer to becoming the next great Pure Con Lv75 Rebirthed Voyager!


Chapter 2: Choosing Your Stats
Your Stats
Since I am doing this guide based on a very long-term basis, my stats/skills will be different now from when you reach your successful Rebirth. First, we will be adding all our Stat points into Spr, which adds to your Conch Ray and Thunder Bolt damage for the land skills; those are the main skills we will be starting off with. Every level you gain from now on, you will add Spr and only Spr.

Taking Your Time
As silly as this may sound, don’t rush into adding your stat points quickly because you may be excited, take your time. Open your stats (Alt + A), look carefully for what you’re adding, and go ahead. Trust me; I’ve made this mistake enough times to finally learn that patience saves me hundreds of thousands of gold to millions of gold that maybe spent on resets.


Chapter 3: Choosing Your Skills
Your Skills
Talk to Grocer – Jimberry in Argent City (2232, 2729) to buy all your Explorer/Voyager Skills. To make this as simple as possible, I want you to worry about 3 skills to buy and put in your Inventory for now:
1)        Diligence (Increases SP recovery rate of character; recovers 2 points per 3 sec at Level 1. Increases by 1 point per skill level.)
2)        Lighetning Bolt (Damage is determined by skill level and Spirit. Requires Thunder Coral to be equipped; strike target with Lightening)
3)        Conch Ray (Damage is determined by skill level and Spirit. Requires Strike Coral to be equipped; damage targets in a straight line)

Whether you find a Mentor to help you level up or not, Level up your Diligence to level 1. Then you can buy and use Lightning Bolt and start to max it to lv10. It’s true, Diligence helps recover your SP faster, but the damage from the Lightning bolt is needed for your lower levels. Once you level up/max your Diligence and Lightning Bolt to lv10, do not get close to your skill points; we’ll deal with them later on.

Lv20 –Diligence Lv1, Lightning Bolt Lv10
Lv29 – Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10
Lv30 and Up – Don’t touch your skill points till we get there!

This is just to show you how they look:

Lightning Bolt

Conch Ray


Chapter 4: Choosing Your Equipment
Guiding Chests/Maze Chests
See that Newbie Chest in your Inventory that you can open every 5 levels? Yeah, keep using the equipment in those chests, and of course buying the boots/gloves from the NPC.

However, once you reach lv30 you can buy Skeletar Chests that give you random lv30 EQ, and Incantation Chests that give you random lv40 EQ; if you can, try to get the EQ from those chests. Also, you have the option of Unsealed EQ; Unsealed EQ can be lv35, lv45, lv55, or lv65; I never found any of the Voyager Unsealed EQ any useful. If you find that it’s a waste of money for now, don’t waste, it’s not that big of a difference for the Journey we’re taking; for both Maze Chests and Unsealed. If you’re curious about some of the stats of these EQ check this link: - by GunsGOBang.

Don’t forget, to take the Star of Unity from the Newbie Guide as soon as you can and level up its EXP to full (200000/200000) and exchange for a random voy weapon. I was lucky enough to get the +7con/+5spr dagger, which i am pleased enough with then, and now, since I really care primarily about con.

You can level up your Star of Unity Ring by killing mobs; if you kill mobs in a party your ring will not gain exp, you need to kill mobs on your own.

Since we're only aiming for Spr, you will be needing a pure Spr fairy. The following skills are what you will need for your fairy, and they are listed from most important to least:
1) Standard Meditation
2) Standard Magic
3) Standard Recover

Of course, successfully teaching your fairy 3 skills requires a lot of luck, and you might keep failing, but you might be lucky. So, try your absolute best to at least teach your fairy Standard Meditation and Standard Magic; Meditation for the SP recover and Magic for the added Spr damage.


Chapter 5: Dealing With Corals
Where, Who, What, When, Why & How
For Lv1 and Lv2 Strike, Thunder, Wind and Fog Corals go to Coral Vendor – Lamon (2061, 2543) in Ascaron. Until you reach lv40, all you need to worry about is lv2 Thunder Corals. Remember that Thunder Corals can be recharged, so you cans save money there. My suggestion is buy around 3 or 4 Thunder Corals from your Vendor visit, and once you use them all up, make a trip to recharge them all at once.

Check this link to find out how/where to Charge Corals:


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Chapter 6: Leveling, Leveling, Leveling
To the Point
I’ll save you the hassle of levelling at such low levels all alone, and I will skip directly to the almighty Hexathalon, where you will you LOVE it. Basically, Once I reached lv8 I disciple myself, I already had a lv59 Crusader I used to plvl my Voy. If you are plvled that’s great, but if not, then trust me, Hex is the way to go. Of course, Hex is perfect for you all the way to about lv60 or lv61, where it starts to slow down.
So, either plvled or Hex, our aim is lv55, and nothing more for now. If you would still like to find out levelling spots for certain levels here’s a guide: GunsGOBang.

I pretty much plvled myself, using my Crusader, at the leveling spots mentioned in the previous link. In your case, just get to the point and Hex, or find a Mentor to help you level up. Here are some guides for Life Skills, you don't have to worry about getting most of the Hex items:

Life Skills Detailed Guide - Intro - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Set Stall - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Fishing - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Salvage - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Woodcutting - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Mining - by dwolfy

Skills as you Level Up
Here's how you sort your skills all the way till you reach lv55:

Skill Prerequisites:
Diligence - None
Lightning Bolt - Diligence Lv1
Current - Diligence Lv2
Tornado - Current Lv2
Conch Armor - Current Lv1
Conch Ray - Conch Armor Lv5
Algae Entanglement - Tornado Lv5

Lv20 –Diligence Lv1, Lightning Bolt Lv10
Lv29 – Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10
Lv40 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt lv10, Current Lv1, Tornado Lv1
Lv41 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10, Current Lv2, Tornado Lv1, Conch Armor Lv5
Lv46 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10, Current Lv2, Tornado Lv1, Conch Armor Lv5, Conch Ray Lv9
Lv47 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10, Current Lv2, Tornado Lv1, Conch Armor Lv5, Conch Ray Lv10
Lv55 - Diligence Lv10, Lightning Bolt Lv10, Current Lv2, Tornado Lv5, Conch Armor Lv5, Conch Ray Lv10, Lv4 Algae Entanglement


Chapter 7: Dark Swamp & Preparing for Rebirth
From Voy to DS Voy
This chapter will redefine your career and future as a Voyager, and it will be long, but bare with me because it WILL pay off.
I will always refer to my own experience, so I will start off by telling you how my DS days went.
First of all, after I reached Lv55 through my Cruz plvl and of course Hex, I acquired the following things:

1)        Lv12 Pure Con Fairy of Hope (Standard Meditation, Standard Magic, Standard Recover)
2)        Lv40 Coat of the Tempest (which I later changed to a lv45 Unsealed Voy Armor)
3)        Lv40 NPC Gloves & Lv40 NPC Boots
4)        Dagger: Star of Unity +7con/+5spr Dagger
5)        That’s all; unique rings/necklaces were not out yet.

I joined a guild at lv55 so I can be able to experience Dark Swamp (DS) at its best, and to be able to kill the DS Boss, get around, and maybe even chest. After killing the DS boss more than enough times to get used to it, and after having enough PK, both land and sea, I started to get bored. Why? Well, all that was there to do in DS was really to PK, the chests are not such a big deal since you will always want to aim for the best EQ around, which isn’t from Incantation Chests(Lv40) or Evanescence Chests(lv50). Second of all, the boss drops what? Lv45 Sealed EQ which can be unsealed using Rune stones from the mazes (FC & DS), and I really found that being useless, especially when I started to become familiar with Chaos Argent and the CA Set. Let’s get to the fun part, you know how you can get to Heaven to Start/Finish your Rebirth Quest using a Goddess Favor? Yeah, well Rebirth didn’t exist for us then, so you’re the lucky one to be reading this:


Hopefully that red blob of words caught your attention, because of the following:

1)        To get to Heaven WITHOUT a Goddess Favor you need a Heaven Key;

      a.        Abaddon Key Items:
             i.        20 Golden Coins
             ii.        15 Soul of Undead
            iii.        15 Pirates Bone

      b.        Heaven Key Items:
             iv.        Soul of Corpse Mummy(Lv3 Abbadon Mobs)
              v.        Heart of Pharoah(Lv4 Abbadon Mobs)
             vi.        Bone of Mummy(lv2 Abaddon Mobs)
            vii.        Bible (from lv4 Abbadon Cerebus; dog)

Here’s a link if you would like to know more about Abaddon: ... p;highlight=abaddonby hexinary.

Collecting Goddess Favors
Let’s just say that you will only need 2 Goddess Favors for the First Rebirth; one to enter Heaven and start your Rebirth Quest and one to enter Heaven and finish it. Sooner or later the Second Rebirth will be complete, and you will need to enter Heaven yet again, so that’s another 2 to start/finish the Second Rebirth; trust me when I say it will pay off to just collect 6 and get it over with.

*Note: After collecting the First Heaven Key within a week, it took me 3 WEEKS to get another key to go back and finish my quest, because the lv4 Abbadon Cerebus spawns every 24 hours, and other players killed it before I did.

So, yes, be patient and save yourself the time/headache of collecting a key instead of a direct ticket to Heaven; collect 6 Goddess Favors during your DS journey. When I was in DS, Goddess Favors dropped from lv1 and lv2 chests, I never tried to kill mobs for it, but I did in fact get them from the chests.

DS Moments
The beginning....

DS Bossing...

I played as DS Voy for a long time, and I was using a combination of Lv45 Unsealed Voy Armor and boots/gloves from the Lv50 Voy Chests. However, if you are able to get your hands on one of the following, then definitely go for it:

1) CA Set
2) Lv50 Voy Chests from Credits Auction (some of these chests might end up giving you great stats; you're looking for con/spr)


Chapter 8: Completing the Language Barrier Quest (LB Quest)
Then & Now
First time I heard of this quest was when my friend started it sometime during July 2007, last year. To me, it seemed as useless as just sailing out and killing random mobs I see on the way. After he finished the quest, and received his reward, I was shocked. I said “OMFG DUDE..NICE!!!!!”, and that’s when the idea of me starting a Voyager hit me. I would tell you how I did the Quest, which took around 4 days or so, since I used a lv1 ship and barely had the skills to kill the mobs quick enough, but I’ll use guides that already exist. Thanks to the following guide, this doesn’t have to take up to a week: ... &extra=page%3D1by milchschnitte.

Now What?

Well, my friend being patient and smart enough to find a good way to make up to a million gold a day, I followed his philosophy when I observed proof of his gold totalling up to 12million in less than 3 weeks; he started low and started to excel. Yes, this is my ultimate, not secret, but money-making strategy I used back in my “newbie” days. I bought stacks of Career Lots and sold them at Abandon Mine Haven, and sold GREAT!

I Sold Career Lots for 7k Each for a living back then!!!

Basically, since not everyone, especially players in the lv60s who aren’t Voys, and still did not manage to complete the LB Quest, you had the chance to make really good profit selling Career, or even Fortune Lots. Only way to buy Career/Fortune Lots is if you finish the LB Quest. So now that you finished it, you can buy lots for 5k each from the NPC in Spring Town, and sell them outside for 7k+ each lot; this helped me all the way until the Cooking/Manufacturing Era was introduced to ToP.

If you would like, here are 2 guides on Career/Fortune Lots: Schnuffi, - LosGirl619

Also, you’ll need to finish the LB Quest sooner or later if you want to complete your Story Quest, so there you go, all set!!


Chapter 9: Ship Building/Ship Leveling
What to Know
There only 2 ships that I care about, Eagle and Great White Shark (GWS). Simply put, an Eagle is like Con Voys at sea, and GWS is like Spr Voys at sea. You can kind of imagine what that means; almost same Pros/Cons of Con Voys vs Spr Voys on land apply to Eagle vs GWS at sea. After playing for a long enough time, both land and sea, I tell you up front concentrate on Eagle first.

Stats/Costs of Eagle:

-        Level Requirement: 45
-        Attack 294/441
-        Durability: 8945
-        Fuel: 2300
-        Cargo Slots: 32
-        Speed 575
-        Fuel Usage: 3
-        Firing Rate: 145
-        Defense: 183
-        Harbor: Icicle City (1221, 629)
-        Cost: 94838

Stats/Costs of Great White Shark (GWS):
-        Level Requirement: 45
-        Attack 478/717
-        Durability: 5731
-        Fuel: 2300
-        Cargo Slots: 32
-        Speed 550
-        Fuel Usage: 3
-        Firing Rate: 154
-        Defense: 100
-        Harbor: Thundoria Navy Harbor (1062, 1291)
-        Cost: 94838

We are going to stick, and focus on, an Eagle since we just love Con. Our main point, at least until you get your 2 Goddess Favors from DS, is to be able to sail the seas freely with no trouble at all. With an Eagle, and with the skills we already have, it will be easy to dock in DS; meet an enemy and your Eagle is a Con Voy at sea, you'll be fine. Con at land, Con at sea!


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Chapter 10: Mirage City Experience
Getting to Level 70
Leveling is never hard, whether it's at lv8 or even lv80, it still can be done. Especially all the way to lv70, it's much easier than you may think. I used the following tactics to get from lv55 to lv70 within 2 weeks:
1) From Lv55 to Lv61 I hexed my way extremely fast, as the EXP I gained from each Hex was very high
2) From Lv61 to lv70 I Hexed, but I also leveled at Isle of Fortune when Hex was off, and when there was 2x or other exp bonus days, and even on normal days.

My leveling tactic at Isle of Fortune using my Lv61 Champion(I placed my Champ sitting behind rocks where he lured the mobs to him, then I conched from behind the rocks where they couldn't reach or attack me:

Here's another rock area close to my previous Conch Raying spot(lure mobs to champ from behind rocks and Conched; another safe zone for me):

Once you reach Lv70, say 'Goodbye' to your old boring Isle of Fortune visits, and say 'HELLO' to Mirage Cities!!!

Mirage Cities/General Info
Starting off the present Mirage Cities Guide/Abaddon: ... p;highlight=abaddonby hexinary.

Even though might be stated somewhere already, you need a Reality Mask and 10 Reputation points to get into any of the Mirage Cities.

Reality Masks:
-        Made at Argent Grocery 2232, 2729
-        Requires 10 Teak Wood Logs (obtained from chopping Glacier Isle trees)
-        Requires 1 Elven Sigent

Shaitan Mirage is where I trained/training, it is meant for all magic users since the mobs have extremely high def/PR, and are all close to one another (great for Voys and their Conch Ray). When levelling in Shaitan Mirage, you really have to worry about the following things being in your inventory:

Shaitan Mirage Inventory:
-        Lv3 Strike Corals (as many as you can fit in your inventory)
-        Cake (as many as you can fit in your inventory)
-        Any other leveling items (Party EXP Fruits and/or Amplifiers of Strive)

Since we’ve been only concentrating on Spr, you’ll need LOTS of cake, and you’ll notice in my screenshots why. Your shortcut keys should be as follows:

Shaitan Mirage Hot Keys:
-        F1: Conch Ray
-        F2: Lightning Bolt
-        F3: Tornado
-        F4 and Up: Cakes

Until I Rebirthed, I held down the Cakes hot key, otherwise I wouldn’t heal fast enough before I killed the mobs.

Shaitan Mirage Leveling Tactics
In Shaitan Mirage, there are certain areas where there are a lot of mobs that gather around you, and this is great for your conch ray. First, from lv70 to lv75 you should be concentrating on the areas near the Docks:

This area has around 4 to 5 Lizards, you can even manage to gather 6 Lizards if you find the exact center point for them; I always find that hard to do so I just stick with as many mobs as I can get quickly.

The other area with lots of mobs is here:

Another spot is here, but a little bit to the left you’ll find 2 or 3 more Lizards, couldn’t find a screen shot but they are there:

Once you reach lv76, you can go ahead and train on the Lv85 Mummies that are located north of the Mirage; you will be 9 levels lower so that is where you get the most amount of EXP. Here's one spot at the north:

Shaitan Mirage Loots
When I level anywhere, I always loot every single item that drops, even though it might be a very cheap price to NPC, it will eventually add up. Since I level at Shaitan Mirage about 98% of the time, I will tell you my looting experience for the past few months. First off, let's start by what drops come from which mobs:

Name : Level 72 Killer Scorpion
Coordinates : 105,66
Drops : Deadly Poisonous Stinger , Scorpion Blood , Illusion Fragment , Protector Robe , Lucky Bunny Costume , Heavenly Vest , Lucky Otter Costume

Name : Level 75 Sand Pirate
Coordinates: 106,70
Drops : Wind Mirror , Torn Pouch , Illusion Fragment , Robe of Melody, Arcane Bunny Costume , Robe of Vengence , Arcane Otter Costume

Name : Level 78 Desert Lizard Warrior
Coordinates: 197,252
Drops: Damaged Lizardman Belt , Damaged Lizardman Blade , Illusion Fragment , Robe of Spirit , Pique Bunny Costume , Robe of Amercement , Pique Otter Costume

Name : Level 80 Phantom Knight (Shaitan Mirage Boss - can stun for 1min)
Coordinates: 120,109
Drops: Medal of the Invincible Knight , Illusion Fragment , Illusion Heart , Fairy Box , Fur of Death

Name : Level 83 Devious Cactus
Coordinates: 114,136
Drops : Cactus Thorn , Cacus Tuber , Illusion Fragment , Robe of the Sage , Mystic Panda Costume , Faerie Robe , Fish Fairy Costume

Name : Level 85 Horrifying Mummy
Coordinates : 147,114
Drops : Cursed Shroud , Cursed Carcass , Illusion Fragment , Revered Staff , Crimson Rod

As you can see, most of the EQ drops are either for Clerics or Seal Masters. The EQ drops are random, and that means you can end up with a +6 Spr SM Coat, or even a +5 Str Cleric Coat; random bonus stats and sometime no bonuses. However, the most important drop in Shaitan Mirage is the 'Fur of Death' from the boss. This item has a drop rate of approximately 0.03%, and it's used for making Death Set EQ (Boots, Gloves and Armor). Here are guides on Death Set EQ: - by Damiyo ... =level%2B75%2Bdeath - by fire2ice

Next most important drops are Illusion Heart and Illusion Fragments, which can be used to make different levels of Blue Prints in Shaitan City:

5 Illusion Fragment : Blurry Blueprint
30 Illusion Fragment : Encrypted Blueprint
100 Illusion Fragment : Sealed Blueprint
500 Illusion Fragment : Invocation Blueprint

Illusion Heart : From Mirage Bosses (Not 100% drop) and you can be exchange it for a Level 60 ring at Shaitan Priest.

Shaitan Mirage Leveling Duration
The time it takes you to level in mirage all depends on what leveling items you are using, and of course how much dmg you are doing to the mobs; the dmg has a very small influence on how fast your EXP rises. However, here are some of the factors and approximate timings that I've experience all the way from lv70 until I reached Lv82:

1) At Lv70 to Lv75: Gained about 10% EXP on HB every 15min, and trained on Lizards (Normal EXP Day)
2) At Lv70 to Lv75: Gained about 15% Amplifier of Strive every 15min, and trained on Lizards (Normal EXP Day)
3) At Lv76 to Lv79: Gained about 8% - 9% EXP on HB every 15min, and trained on Mummmies (Normal EXP Day)
4) At Lv76 to Lv79: Gained about 12% to 13% EXP on High Amplifier of Strive every 15min, and trained on Mummies (Normal EXP Day)
5) At Lv80 to Lv82: Gained about 5% to 6% EXP on High Amplifier of Strive & Expert Posession every 15min, and trained on Mummues (Normal Exp Day)

Thundoria Mirage Leveling Tactics
Even though you should be concentrating on Shaitan Mirage as being your main leveling area, Thundoria Mirage is in fact a more beneficial place to level in the following conditions:

1) Your Def and PR are extremely high, starting from 500+ Def and 30+ PR
2) You're in a party that involves more damage dealers (magic users or not; as long as they speed up the killing process)
3) Even if your Def is lower than 500, you have HP pots to use to increase HP and PR, or Lanterns/Body Armors to increase Def

I will post screen shots of certain areas that are great for Conch Ray tactics in Thundoria Mirage ASAP!!!


Chapter 11: Lv75 & Rebirth
Idea Behind It
Here we are, 75 levels later, and we are about to turn our “personality” up-side-down. Many people believe that the Phoenix Rebirth Quest is like a dream come true, and yes you will not be encouraged to even think about it until you’re shown how exciting it actually is. Why are we Rebirthing? Well, I Rebirthed for basically 2 reasons:

1)        Go from being a Spr Voy to a Pure Con Voy
2)        Learn the Voy Rebirth Skill (consists of throwing pots/pans, forks and knives; great for breaking Crusader’s stealth!)

Since we want to be a pro, Rebirthed, and pure Con Voy, this Rebirth Quest is the turning point of your Voyager Career; think of it as your maturing point from a Boy to a kid, except from a Spr Boy to a Con Voy!

Phoenix Rebirth
Unfortunately, to Rebirth now might be a little harder than when I Rebirthed, due to the bugs that were there and obtaining the Runes. However, you already have the Goddess Favors to enter/start your Rebirth and to enter/finish it later on. Here are the guides I found for Rebirth: ... &extra=page%3D2 - by Snowy/, ... &extra=page%3D1 - by etiencick.

My Rebirth Tactic
I will fill this section up soon, but for now I would like you to keep the following in mind (please make sure to read the Rebirth Guides mentioned above)

1) Keep ALL and ANY of the Rebirth Wine Blue Prints you may get from Sealed Blue Prints; even if someone tells you they are bad or a waste
2) Whenever you can, start doing the small things; like doing the first Sub Quests that are usually easy until I upload my Rebirth Tactic

*I will fill this section up with my Rebirth Tactic ASAP!!!


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Chapter 12: Beyond
Here we are, finally Rebirthed and flying:

All our stats back to 5 (I'm lv82, so skill/stat points will be different):

All our skills gone and we get the Rebirth Voy skill:

Now, in my case I am Lv82 and have more skill/stat points than you (Lv75), but here’s the following layout of what your skills/stats should be:

1)        Max your CON all the way to 100
2)        Add any left-over stat points into SPR

Skills (Need to Buy Again):
1)        Rebirth Mystic is automatically added – Lv1
2)        Open your Super Consciousness (Voy Skill) – Lv1
3)        Max your Diligence to lv10
4)        Max your Lightning Bolt to lv10
5)        Get your Current to lv1
6)        Max your Conch Armor to lv10
7)        Max your Tornado to lv10
8)        Max your Algae Entanglement to lv10
9)        Max your Conch Ray to lv10
10)        I think when you Rebirth you go back up to 69 or 70 skill points in total, so now just add any left-over skill points into Lightning Curtain until you max it, then add to Current till you max it later on

The reason for maxing some of these sea skills is for when you need them like in Lv9 Abbadon Boss, and more to come on that.

At this point, you should have already found yourself a Guild to excel in, and hopefully start to do activities and go to different places with your Guild mates. To me, the best EQ for a Pure Con Voy at lv75 is the CA Set, and yes of course the BD Set is better if you’re not on the top 5 players on the CA list. Right now we’re talking about EQ that you can get a hold of quickly, a BD Set might take a while, and depends if you buy IMP or have enough Credits for it or not. However, you should try to get a hold of a CA Set (including the CA Frame Stone, CA Claw Stone, CA Paw Stone), and keep your Enigma Voy Boots and Gloves with you at all times. In my case, I use the CA set to run faster in such places like DW, CA, or even to get from place to place like from Summer Docks to BD Lair. When I need to tank mobs, or head into a PK zone, I usually put on my Enigma Boots and Gloves for more dodge/def. Here’s a list of my recommended and not that hard EQ to get:

1)        CA Frame Stone + CA Paw Stone + CA Claw Stone (all fused into an apparel)
2)        Pure Con Jr (aim for it to be lv41 with Standard Magic, Recover and Meditation)
3)        Stick with your Star of Unity Dagger (I am using +7con/+5 Spr; good enough for me)
4)        2 Lv60 Con/Spr Rings (Daniel's Regret/Concentration of Priest)

With these EQ, you are set to go, and of course forging gems is all up to you. Since we are Con Voys, aim for the following forges in order for your EQ:

1)        Forge Soul of BD then GoC into your frame:
      a.         I am using a combination of GoC and BD gems, but if you can’t get a hold of BD gems for now, forge Shining after GoC because it helps your battles against Magic users as well.
      b.        Glowing gems add more def, which is good, but you don’t need those since you’re already a pure Con Voy.
2)        Forge Gem of Wind (GoW), then Spr Gems:
      a.        GoW is a great idea, especially Con Voys since you will be stunned by Cruz on a number of occasions; your high dodge will make them miss melee attacks on you.
      b.        Of course you’re a Con Voy, you will need all the Spr you can get, so forge your Boots with Spr as much as you can. (forge your Enigma Boots or any special boots you get other than Paw, since you will only be using Paw to run fast).
3)        Forge Heart of BD into your Gloves:
      a.        Only Gem I find useful to forge into Voy Gloves is Heart of BD, which adds 500 HP Bonus; only other Gems are either Gem of Striking or Lustrious Gems which we won’t need any of.

Demonic World as a Voy
We all know that the fastest/most convenient chesters are Crusaders, because of how fast they can break a chest and of course because of their dodge. Well, thankfully we are pure Rebirthed Con Voys with enough Con to tank Lv1 mobs very easily, and with enough EQ Gemming, we can easily tank DW 2 mobs as well.

The Hot Keys we learned back in our Mirage Leveling days will pay off now, where we will use it to chest in DW 1 & DW 2. Let's refresh our Hot Keys:

-        F1: Conch Ray
-        F2: Lightning Bolt
-        F3: Tornado
-        F4 and Up: Cakes

Chesting DW 1 Mid...

In this screen shot you don't see my Cakes on F4, that's because I just finished a stack. As you can see, you can try to avoid most of the mobs at the chest if you Conch Ray from a far enough distance/angle; I included this screen shot to show you how easy it is to be a Pro DW Chest!

That EXP Bar
Just because you are Rebirthed and lv75, doesn't mean you can't level up higher and gain, in my opinion, FREE Unique Gems(UG). Yes, every 4 lvls or so, starting from lv60, you get 2 stat points; 4 lvls is almost one UG. So, I kept Miraging.Hexing all the way to Lv80, and that's when Hex really becomes useless; all you can depend on now is either Holiday Magazines(30% EXP) or Leveling in Mirage. So don't stop here, keep Hexing your way to Lv80, and if you want, you can still level up and start a new journey to Lv90. It's more than possible!

The best EXP you can get, even better than Mirage Cities, is from Lv4 Abaddon. However, the mobs at Lv4 Abbadon have MUCH higher HP and Def/PR than Mirage mobs, but the EXP obtained is about 4x or so. So, I still suggest you level in Mirage when you can, since the time it would take you to kill 4 mobs is the same time it takes you to kill 1 mob in Lv4 Abbadon. Either go to Lv4 Abaddon Solo WITH Intense Magic(IM), or in a party; in this case any character to party with is a great idea as long as they deal enough damage.

Here's a safe spot to level at in Lv4 Abbadon, just north of the Lv3 Abbadon Teleporter:

You can also notice the System Messages. I was wearing a full CA Set, and I was ranked 5th at the time, so I received CA Damage Reduction from the Set!

Black Dragon
Hopefully you and your Guild start to explore the Black Dragon Lairs and slaying the Black Dragon, which is action-packed fun. I just want to mention, since we're talking about BD, that Voys have a special BD Set effect; the chance to get 2x Algae Entanglement duration at sea and 1.5x Thunder Bolt damage as well. Also, don't forget the Stats of the BD Set; since you're a Con Voy, the Def/PR and HP bonuses ALWAYS spice things up!

One of those crazy Black Dragon Slaying moments...


Last-Minute Thoughts
Choosing Your Character Name
Choosing your character name is important, and it really characterizes your personality//popularity in the game. If you go and check the Top 100 Players of your server, and you find that you like a high level Cleric's name, like Hokey, or a higgh level Crusader's name, like Ferchito, don't make up a name close to them; for example not something like OrangeHokey or Crusaderchito. Those players are well-known from their character names, and that's because you see them in GWs, killing others inside Chaos Argent; they are known for their names. You should always make a trade mark for yourself, choose a name you like, a name that people will recognize you by; be unique and be yourself. For example, I chose my character name "xMASTERxMEEDOx" so people can recognize me as "MEEDO", and I tried to make a trademark for myself.

Choosing Your Boat Name
Seriously, who cares what your boat name is? Well, believe it or not, it matters more than you think, and that's if you want people to acknowledge your hard work and presence. When you go into a GW, and people know that, for example, you are a Voyager named IronMan, but your boat is called something like "ILoveCheesecake", you lost your style and the players around you lost a sense of who that is. For example, I chose my Eagle name "xMEEDOxEAGLE" so people can automatically recognize who I am; "MEEDO".   

The End
Well folks, here we are, at the end of our Guide. I hope this has either, helped new players start/excel in the journey of their TOP life, or inspired current players into achieving more than they think is the limit. Goodluck and Enjoy!!

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Honorable Mentions
I would like to greatly thank Ferchito for inspiring/encouraging me to write this guide!

I would also like to thank my Guild mates (no specific order):

Sweets (pwnage voy!)
Also, the many that follow =D

Guides Used/Authors
I would like to greatly thank the following authors and their guides for being a great help:

Chapter 1 ... &extra=page%3D1by Yotup. ... &extra=page%3D2 - by TwilightHikari

Chapter 4 - by GunsGOBang.

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Intro - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Set Stall - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Fishing - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Salvage - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Woodcutting - by dwolfy
Life Skills Detailed Guide - Mining - by dwolfy

Chapter 7 ... p;highlight=abaddonby hexinary.

Chapter 8 ... &extra=page%3D1by milchschnitte. Schnuffi, - LosGirl619

Chapter 10 ... p;highlight=abaddonby hexinary. ... =level%2B75%2Bdeath - by fire2ice.

Chapter 11 ... &extra=page%3D2 - by Snowy/, ... &extra=page%3D1 - by etiencick.

That's it everyone, hope you enjoyed the guide and good luck with everything!!!!

Feel free to post your comments/questions/concerns here. You can either PM me here on forums (mido19) or PM me in-game on Rainbow Isle (xMASTERxMEEDOx)


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yeah man good guide but you forgot:

1- Unique corals lvl 60
2- Sacred Dragon Blade of Torment
Flash man forever!


Reply 6# metalmachine3's post

thank you for reminding me..
i'll make a post about that ASAP


God, *** did someone said incredible? well i did. Well done dude, keep it that way and you will reach higher heights!


Simply impressive. I wish all guides were like this. Dang! I am working ona  guide and it's nothing compared to yours.

Awesome job, I'll vote for digest.

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holy crap man. when you told me you were making a guide and said it was going to be pretty damn weren't lying lol. im even more impressed you had screenies saved of you throughout your whole time on top that easily matched what you were trying to explain. very impressive bro, guild mate or not.

I'm so never making a guide now unless I cover that much rofl.