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[Champion] Berserker Champion Guide

Berserker Champion Guide

Well so, since i was bored and everything, thoguht i might as well make a guide.

This build is a very simple build if you break it down, but it is the best build for a champion in my personal opinion. Basically a pure con champ that can PK. High level champions often have a strength set and a con set, but my champion was built so that it can Pk even while wearing con set.

Build Explanation

- is a pure tank, with 10k+ HP quite easily at lv60
- can PK

- cannot level alone
- need high level (lv70+) to put this build in good use, and even higher level (78+) to perfect this build.

Now, this champion is not my main character, so I did power level it all the way. I don't know how easy it will be for people who are thinking of making this as your main character.

Okay, so as the name suggests, this champion will rely heavily on Berserk. The aim is to hit 140 attack speed with berserk so that your Illusion Slash will dish out double the usual damage.

This is the damage my champion does at lv71 to a shrub.

I know, it's not the biggest damage in the world, but it's decent considering it's a Champion.


Weapon: Judgement is really good. Despite the fact that it adds no con, the damage is very high and the bonus 20 defense compensates the loss of con slightly. If you are lucky enough to get a Colossus (lv75 sword) with STR, even better.
Con Weapon: This is a must for ANY pure tank. A lv60 bonesword with 5+ con if you can get your hands on them.
Rings: 2 lv60 unique con rings if you can get them. If not just defense rings.
Armour: Lv45 unseal tattoo is a minimum requirement. Lv55 is even better obviously. Don't bother with the lv65 one - get a lv70 framestone if you can.
Boots: Chaos boots are a big help. Start saving up if your guild is not very successful in CA.
Gloves: same as boots, Chaos Clawstone is the best.
Pet: obviously pure con.
Necklace: either the lv60 movespeed or PR. Either is good.

Here are my champ's equipment. True, I have put uniques in them, but lv70+ any class will need them if you want to keep lvling without forgetting about the date with your girlfriend tomorrow.
Gem of Coilossus is a must for champs, and Wind will help you greatly to reach the 36 base agility.

Yeah, my pet originally belonged to a voyager, hence the standard magic... lol.


Simple, go pure con until it is maxed at lv64, and start adding some AGI. You need a total of 36 AGI to hit 140 attack speed with lv10 berserk. Once you have the sufficient agi, start adding STR.

This is what my champion currently looks like in stats:

From left to right, normal stats; Berserk; with con sword.

Skills, etc. to be updated shortly.

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You have low attack. And what about your skills.

feed me souls!

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If your skills are cool then this mean no thing but my lvl 40 champ can go up    with lvl 50 and if I had your stuff i cud go up with stacks of them but i am a     nob so



ur build sucks man

this is rass btw


you shudda picked up chucks sadchamps idea when he took up lvl 35 swordsman swords,
twohanded is limited to number of gems,
also my lvl 51 crusader has more attack than that and he onli has full sistine,
well deff is kick ass, but i can hardly see how u can damage with that attack, your more like a tanker than a attacker
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Originally posted by qua2100 at 14-2-2008 14:39
...well deff is kick ass, but i can hardly see how u can damage with that attack, your more like a tanker than a attacker
I think this is supposed to be an alternate tank, correct me if i'm wrong


dont know if you can call it a "alternate" cuz i know tanks at his lvl with already around 900+ attack
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Reply #7 qua2100's post

Not if they are pure con and not heavily gemmed. If he was meant to be a slasher, he would have higher agi and str.

feed me souls


well he did say "berserker" champion, but nevertheless he has good deff not knocking his champ, even my cleric wudd take a couple of hit and runs to kill that
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I never said this champ was a "PK champ".
There's a big difference between a "PK champ" and a "champ that can PK".

I did not build this champ so he can 1 slash people, but to be able to fight whilst tanking. Hope that clears up the confusion more or less.
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