Demonic World Guide *Revamped*

Demonic World Guide *Revamped*

now another DW Guide has come out, still since i've worked hard on this i'll post it
Enjoy ^^

What is Demonic World?

Demonic World (also referred in short as DW) is the last of the three main mazes.
Here you can hunt chests for rare equipment, battle bosses for big prizes or simply hang around to have some pvp fun ^^

How to enter in the Demonic World?

First of all, entering DW requires you to be at least level 50.
You can find the portal at 910, 1069 Ascaron. You can get there in 10 to 5 minutes from Thundoria Castle.

The portal opens once every 3 hours and remains open for only 40 minutes.
If you want to know about the opening time of your timezone, you can find it here.

What can i find in DW?

Here is an useful list of all the treasures that can be looted inside the Demonic World:

Common Drops
Crystal of Nimbleness, Crystal of Enchantment, Heart of Sorrow, Naiad Stone, Heart of Misery, Demonic Giant Blade, Demonic Giant Stick, Spirit Elixir, Necklace of Snowman Warlord

Ja Runestone, Tef Runestone, Kal Runestone, Ter Runestone, Fa Runestone, Fel Runestone

Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Shining Gem, Glowing Gem, Spirit Gem, Explosive Gem, Lustrious Gem, Refining Gem

Beautiful Chest, Evanescence Chest of all classes (Maze equip lvl50), Enigma Chest of all classes (Maze equip lvl60), Chest of Demonic World (Sealed equip lvl55), Chest of Enigma (Sealed equip lv65)

Invocation Blueprint, Fairy Box

Rue wood log

Emerald Fragment, Shimmering Rock Fragment, Silver Ore Eolith, Gold Ore Eolith

Demonic World level 1

Defense needed to tank: 560
Dodge needed to avoid: 360

Once inside the portal, you'll find yourself at one of the four main corners of level 1. These corners (green zones on the map) are safe zones, so you don't need to worry about attacks in there.
If you come with a party you might end up in different corners, so you'll probably need a tank to bring the party together.

These are the monsters that you can find inside level 1

lvl50 Imaginary Snow Doll

HP : 15,680

EXP: 4,218

Drops : - Crystal of Nimbleness, Ja Runestone, Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Refining Gem

lvl55 Snow Doll Spirit

HP: 17,200

EXP: 5,402

Drops:  Crystal of Enchantment, Ja Runestone, Shining Gem, Glowing Gem, Refining Gem

lvl57 Evil Snow Doll Spirit

HP : 18,280

EXP : 5,930

Drops : Heart of Sorrow, Tef Runestone, Naiad Stone, Spirit Gem, Refining Gem

Chests are the blue dots on the map. This is the chest you can find in level 1:

lvl0 Chest of Demonic World 1
HP: 100,000
Drops: Evanescence Chest of all classes, Beautiful Chest, Kal Runestone

Now, are you interested in level 1 boss, the Wandering Soul? Well, don't even think of soloing her ^^ (unless you are an overforged lvl80+, hehe).
You'd want to bring your whole family to defeat her easy and fast. Here are her characteristics:

Lvl55 Wandering Soul

HP : 800,000
EXP: 81,030
Skills :
Kiss of Frost
Brrr! This skill gets a single targetfrozen for 50 seconds! This means you're unable to move, but you can'tbe attacked as well ;)

Tempest Blade
Area of effect damage. Think it as a Champ's Howl, just more powerful.

Drops :Spirit Elixir, Fel Runestone, Chest of Demonic World, Glowing Gem, Spirit Gem, Shining Gem, Refining Gem, Fairy Box


Time to go for level 2? Orange dots on the map are the teleport possible locations. That's it, everytime DW opens, tele for DW2 is randomly chosen between those 4 locations. Have fun searching ^^

Demonic World level 2

Defense needed to tank: 680
Dodge needed to avoid: 380

Once inside the portal you'll get teleported randomly to one of the safe zones in DW2 corners.
Level 2 is separated by walls in 3 zones, recognizable by the different shades of the background color on the map.
You'll need to use the portals (orange dots) to teleport on to the next zone.

External Zone
Nothing special in here. If you came with a party, use this zone to regroup.

Medium Zone
4 Chests in here.

Internal Zone
Last Chest and Snowman Warlord boss. There's also an useful exit portal, that leads you to the DW entering portal place.

These are the monsters that you can find inside level 2:


lvl59 Confused Snow Doll

HP: 18,440

EXP: 6,488

Drops: Heart of Misery, Tef Runestone, Explosive Gem, Lustrious Gem, Refining Gem

lvl61 Demonic Snowman

HP: 22,176
EXP: 7,020
Drops:  Demonic Giant Blade, Ter Runestone, Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Naiad Stone, Spirit Gem, Refining Gem, Invocation Blueprint

lvl65 Demonic Yeti

HP: 22,528

EXP: 7,900

Drops: Demonic Giant Stick, Fa Runestone, Shining Gem, Glowing Gem, Explosive Gem, Lustrious Gem, Refining Gem, Invocation Blueprint


This is the chest you can find in level 2:

lvl0 Chest of Demonic World 2
HP: 100,000
Drops: Enigma Chest of all classes, Beautiful Chest, Fel Runestone

Aiming for the final boss? Here are its characteristics:


Lvl65 Snowman Warlord

HP : 1,000,000

EXP: 118,500


Area of effect stun. You wouldn't want this to happen o.o

Colossus Smash
Ferocious melee attack.

Drop: Necklace of Snowman Warlord, Kal Runestone, Chest of Enigma, Fiery Gem, Furious Gem, Explosive Gem, Refining Gem, Fairy Box


Brings the whole party together to the boss place. After that, gets the surrounding mobs aggro on himself, so that they can't disturb the bossing action.

Being frozen by the Wandering Soul makes you spend ages before defeating the boss, and anyway,the other skills are dangerous. A Sharpshooter or a Seal Master to seal the boss is a must. A Sharpshooter can be preferred though, since enfeeble can't miss the target.

Damage Dealer
The name explains it all. People that can deal massive damage in short time. Crusaders, Voyagers and Battle Clerics are best suited for the job.

Lost any of the listed members? No trouble, reviver comes to the rescue! People with low defense in the party will die quite enough times during the process, so you may need one.

Bossing gets easier when boss is stunned ^^. If you have more than one crusader in your team doing this, make them agree on a stun order, so that you can get the longest stunning time posssible!

Talking back about the bossing technique shown above... bossing at DW2 could still be a bit troublesome with just that technique, so you can improve it further to reduce the damage taken!

Lured Bossing
Leave all the damage dealers on the left side of the fountain, not past the tanker's spot height though. Make only the Sealer and Stunner move to the boss.
Once the Sealer enfeebles/seals the Snowman Warlord, don't get straight to the stun. Instead have the crusader slash him and lure him to the left side of the fountain. Once at the place, stun time!
What's the difference you say? It's simple: The fountain is the limit of the boss's aggro; once the stun and seal are gone, he'll walk back to its spot, leaving your party safe and untouched.
If you want to deal even more damage, cripple him once the stun finishes; you'll keep him a bit longer under the damage dealers attacks ^^  


By defeating DW bosses you'll get the mighty Sealed equips; still, this equipment is cursed, and you'll have to unseal them to get the full bonuses.
You can find at Shaitan all the NPCs that, with the help of runestones, will unseal your equipment.

Head Researcher - 808, 3612 Magical Ocean
He will unseal your lvl55 Fire Sealed equipment for 5 Fel + 10 Ja + 10 Tef

Demonic World Researcher - 811, 3613 Magical Ocean
He will unseal your lvl65 Ice Sealed equipment for 5 Kal + 10 Fa + 20 Ter

Indianna Jones - 802, 3617 Magical Ocean
He will unseal your lvl65 Ice Sealed equipment for 1 Morph runestone

Chest Exchange

An useful option; you can exchange your DW runes to get Maze equips chests for your class!
Just go to Shaitan to High Priest - Gannon at (862, 3501 Magical Ocean) and choose the option "Research Runestone".
You can change:

> 10 Ja + 10 Tef for an Evanescence chest of a class of your choice
> 10 Ter + 10 Fa for an Enigma chest of a class of your choice

Rebirth and DW

Are you doing the Rebirth quest? You'll have to pass through DW then ^^ (A quest asks it)
You can find the NPC Tomas Tutu in DW2 Internal Zone, right near the DW exit portal.

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Demonic World: Guide for People Killing. - by Sylphie

  Hello young fellow. I guess this is your first day here, hum?
  You did your way through the infinite labyrinth of Forsaken City and the smelly waters of Dark Swamp, vanquishing not without pain and work the Death Knight and the Huge Blue Monster, I guess. I understand your feelings of discovering Demonic World then, young fellow; I have been also a “noob”, as they call that nowadays. Ah, youngs… *sighs*
  But, before you enter this portal, let me warn you. Demonic World is nothing like you already tried. Here, you won’t have your sea voyagers to help you save your butts on the tumultuous waves. The danger is EVERYWHERE! … Don’t look at me with these sarcastic eyes, this is just a warning. Unless you want that the yetis of the deepest level have a yummy meal with your bones.
  Tssk. >_>
  Now, I see you’re ready to listen to the advices of an old woman… well, only 9 months old at the moment, but it’s enough to use a healthy young like you. No, don’t shiver like that.
  Not now.

When you spawn in a corner…
  Don’t think things will be easy when you’ll enter this. *points at portal*
  There’re, on each server, some guilds which are stronger –way stronger- sometimes than you, and you tell yourself you don’t even stand a chance against those uber-gemmed nasty crusaders who love to stab you in the back when you don’t watch out carefully, or against whole guild(s) who stops you in the middle of your first(s) Demonic World exploration(s).
  And this begins when you enter this. *points again at portal*
  Corners of level 1 & 2 are the only places where it is a safe spot, meaning no one can attack you there. Useful when you want to rest and prepare your journey through this maze. However it can also be a trap, because people stronger than you can just wait right outside, in battle zone, affixing their weapons before using them on your little body. If you’re a crusader, you may have a chance to escape. If there’s no cleric or seal master with True Sight (or anyone else with Soul Detector). If not, then either you’re really alone in DW and it will be wiser to come back later (unless you’re a champion, but I will explain later) or you’re with your guild: you can still try to gather in a corner and, if you get caught, provoke a mini-Guild War in the corner, keeping your reviver/buffer(s) inside the safe zone to raise the fallen souls. Then you can attend to go say hello to Lady Daisy or Lord Shrek, aka Wandering Soul, boss of level 1, or Snowman Warlord, boss of level 2.
  However, let me talk a bit about something else, before we come to them.

Demonic World Chests
  You might wonder why I want to talk about that. But yeah, the chests of Demonic World give some quite useful and valuable items, like Kal or Fel runestones, so a lot of people are willing to be in possession of that. Don’t give me this pity look; I don’t have anything of that on me. And don’t try to fool me, I’ve already seen a lot of …*cough*specimen*cough*… before you come here. Anyway, that’s not what I want to talk about, so let your mouth closed and listen at the nine-months-old woman I am.
  Demonic World chests are usually being ravaged by either a high-levelled crusader gemmed enough and with enough dodge to tank mobs while spamming lots of cakes, or a duo champ/crusader where the champ takes out the dolls while the crusader chests without problems.
  The first case is biased: when, stealthed, you manage to get him on sight, just push your luck enough to lock him and not dolls. Hoping to be able to one-hit-IS him, because if not… Well, you’ll be the aim of the crusader AND the dolls (which will see you since you’re visible). To take possession of the chest in that kind of situation, only one choice: be strong and precise.
  No, I didn’t talk about accuracy, where do you get that from? >_>
  On the second case, you need also to kill in one hit the crusader before the champion can catch you. But watch out: if the Carsise is a gem fan, don’t risk uselessly your life if you’re a plain newbie in DW. There’s a cemetery not too far away from here… The guardian doesn’t even have places for corpses anymore at the moment.
  Who told you to get up and go? Do you think I finished yet?
  Unless you began afraid of what I said. That’s a good thing.
  But before you go anywhere, let me finish my explanations. If you don’t mind.

Rooms of Daisy and Shrek (or lvl1 & 2 bosses >_>)   
  That’s a quite more complicated situation. You managed (alone or with your team – mostly with team, because bossing alone = kamikaze) to do your way passing through all dolls or yetis, depending on the level of DW you’re in. And then you come in the central room, where the boss is usually sipping tea or playing Uno with his/her little fellows. Well, who knows what they’re doing while DW is closed.   
  And like we say here in France: “Et là… C’est le drame.”   
  Either you were alone, so you begin to take care of the boss to get its loots. Perfect. But unfortunately, you’re not the only one interested. And you finish feeling the presence of enemies surrounding you. So the better thing to do is to stay behind central fountain and get ready to welcome them with your own army (voyagers recommended) or to seal the boss to get out and chase them. It has risks, so you have to be careful.   
  Either someone else is already bossing and you want to kill-steal them (method usually used in DW). Then the best thing to do is to wait for them to a do wrong movement and get frozen (dw1) or stunned (dw2), and then rush in to get their place. But this asks for a lot of coordination, so you might not even be there. Poor little.

Portal to DW2
  Now imagine you just finished Daisy and want to dive your sword into Shrek's heart... Ou you directly want to dive your sword into Shrek's heart. That's your own choice. Bref, for that, you need to go to the portal, located on one of the four corners of DW1. But sometimes, it happens that some guilds decide they live in the portal corner and want to play Uno alone. So the fact you're coming is kinda disturbing them.
  Because being disturbed while playing Uno makes people angry. Very angry. *nods*
  Bref, in that case, that's the best case of Guild War, because this time, no safe place. So you have to fight your own way to the portal defeating everyone. I know that's a dangerous job. But you don't get anything without working hard.

*Look aside*
Aw, too bad.
It seems that giving out advices took me too much time. Portal has just closed...
Well, now that you know what could happen to you down there, my work is done.
Goodbye, little fellow. And remember this.

Beware of Uno. *nods*

Special Thanks

Sylphie, for doing lots of stuff, and spending quite a lot time in dw as i did ^^
Stuartd, for letting its character be used as a DW explorer ^^
KalTorak of Aegean Sea, for being a great chesting buddy and helping in all the DW tours i've been doing ^^
Redslayers, and the Italian community of Aegean Sea; you rock guys ^^
mpiotrowski, for helping in the DW tours as well with tree/ores locations (coming soon)
All the people that tried to kill me while doing this job in DW ^^ (sarcasm included)

Stay tuned for the flash DW map tool ^^

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there are also: Silver Ore Eolith, Gold Ore Eolith (exchangable for Silver and Golden Bars, used in some 4-5 lvl crafts)
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DW is extremely hard what is a good char build


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Thanks for the correction, I'll add

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If you want an all-around DW character, then I'd say use a Slasher Crusader


Awesome! I can read it much better ^_^ The topics are categorized very well

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thnx for the guides they help a lot.  


Slashers will stealth and own around that will really work thanks this is a great guide with exellent maps great job^^


Thankies for the comments ^^
We like that, for all the time we passed there (playing Uno with Daisy and Shrek and random mobs too... while avoiding PK from other people xD)

PS: Nobody has been harmed while playing Uno. XD
PPS: I have a passion for Uno, in case you wonder. XD


Thanks for the positive comments
Knowing that our hard work is appreciated motivates us to work on even better guides ;)