Guide to a Pure Bow Sharpshooter

Guide to a Pure Bow Sharpshooter

After countless hours of playing ToP and looking at its inhabitants, I realized that I have never seen a Pure Bow SS before. Of course its logical seeing as all skills learned as a SS are incompatible with bows and also there is a HUGE level gap between bows. However, my curiosity lead me to do a little research into the skills associated with bows and i found them quite interesting. One boring ToP day after another brought me to making my Pure Bow SS! After getting her to level 50 i attempted a few pvp matches and found that she stood her ground quite well against Crusaders (but dismal when fighting other classes).


1. The Pros and Cons
2. Stat Distribution
3. Skill Point Allocation
4. Equipment
5. Training
6. PvP Strategies

  PS: I would not recommend new players to use this guide (or even make a pure bow SS at that). This build is more for the players who need to make ToP a little more interesting for themselves and have some cash to spare.

1. The Pros and Cons:


- easier leveling until job change.
- attacks faster than using a gun.


- much weaker than using a gun.
- unable to use enfeeble, leaving yourself open to negative skills.
- leveling gets really difficult after the job change.
- you will be using the level 35 bow until level 70.

2. Stat Distribution:

  OK so you've decided on a name and made your newb. Your next step is to decide on a build. There are 2 builds you can follow, both have their ups and downs.

  The first is my recommended build, pure ACC, then CON. I find that being pure bow, your damage is going to be very low, so the more ACC to bring it up, the better. The reason I decided on CON afterwards other than AGI is that I value survivability alot, but then again this is just me. Having CON gives you a better defense against magic attacks, which you can't block since you can't use enfeeble.

  The second build is a ACC/AGI hybrid. It produces a lower damage than the first build, but a faster attack speed. In this build, you should put the ratio of ACC to AGI at 3:1, meaning 3 points of ACC for every point of AGI. This allows you a bit of bonus dodge, which comes in very handy when using the old hit and run technique.

3. Skill Point Aloocation:

  The first skill you should max is without a doubt Range Mastery. The extra damage makes training much, much easier. Afterwards you should add 2 points into Dual Shot, then max Frozen Arrow. Although Dual Shot is very important, Frozen Arrow is much more neccessary. It's basically the bow version of Cripple, which every SS needs. Dual Shot should be maxxed next as this wil be your bread and butter from now on. Not only does it fire 2 arrows, it also multiplies your damage quite alot. That's all the neccesary training skills out of the way and leaves only the pvp skills. By the end, your skill build should end up as something like this:

Range Mastery: MAX
Dual Shot: 2
Frozen Arrow: MAX
Dual Shot: MAX
Venom Arrow: 1
Meteor Shower: 1
Windwalk: MAX
Meteor Shower: MAX

  I havn't gotten past this point yet but I plan on maxxing Rousing next for the extra attack speed. I will go more into detail about the point allocation of the pvp skills in the PvP Discussion section.

4. Equipment:

  Firstly, the armors, boots and gloves. I'm going to assume you have cash to spare since you've actually decided to make a bow SS. Just use your Newbie Chest until level 35. Now try to get yourself a pair of boots and gloves with some added ACC, CON or AGI. If you can't find any, use the ones from Skele Chests, or just wait until you can use Inca Chests. It really isn't very important right now. You should try to get yourself a Robe of Death, it really helps.

  At level 40, your boots and gloves should be from Inca Chests, I find them to be the best available. Change them with Eva Chests at lvl 50. As for armor, from lvl 45 to 55, the lvl 45 Unseal is a must. Its bonuses are very handy when training.

  At level 55 it is highly recommended you grab a full chaos set, or at least the frame and paw. The added stats, HP and movement are insane. However, if you cant afford it, you need to get yourself the lvl 55 Unseal set, except the gun of course. Once you;ve experienced the movement bonus, you will never want to let it go. Either way, now is a good time to forge Striking Gems and Wind Gems into your gloves and boots, seeing as you most likely won't change them again. I would also recommend Shadow Gems into the boots, but not lustrious into gloves because, well, you're an SS, you have enough hitrate already.

  From there on wards, you can either change armor with the lvl 70 frame or just forge the current armor. I wouldn't recommend getting the lvl 65 unseal as the frame is much better and they both use the same number of Kal runes. When forging armor, don't bother with forging Colossus gems, you won't reach the level of Con for them to give a worth while bonus. i would just gem with Shining and Glowing gems.

  For weapons you don't really have much choice, if any at all. The Newbie Chest gives you most of the bows you can possibly get. At level 30, while opening the chest, cross your fingers and hope you get a good bow (or just go buy one =P), because you're going to use this bow until level 70, and probably more. Once you get it, forge it to lvl 5 Furious as fast as you can, then follow up with dodge.

  Now one thing i find to really suck about this game is that equips below level 40 don't glow when you forge them. This means not only do you not have a cool glowing effect, but no one will know how overforged your bow is. <((=.=))>

  Apparently it's possible to get a bow in between 35 and 70 via crafting. However, I've opened alot of blueprints and have never gotten one. I've also never seen anyone with one before so its still quite foggy. I sure hope it is, it would make life as a bow SS alot easier. But then again, it seems really rare so i wouldn't hold my breath. Just go ahead and forge the lvl 35 bow.

  Thanks to Cleft for this bit of information on the crafted bows.

  At level 70, try your hardest to find a bow because otherwise your damage is going to stay bad...

5. Training:

  Where you train is entirely up to you. This section is just where I trained.

Level 1-5: Newbie Guide Quests
Level 5-9: Mini Bees
Level 9-10: Hunter Job Change Quest
Level 10-15: Bear Cubs
Level 15-22: Angelic Pandas
Level 22-33: Fragile Snowdolls
Level 33-37: Miner Moles and Ninja Moles
Level 37-41: Ferocious Scorpions
Level 41-44: Werewolf Warrior
Level 44-50: Treants
Level 50-52: Guardian Angels

  Training gets real hard at this point so I just did hex!

6. PvP Strategies:

  Firstly as i mentioned let me explain the reason for my pvp skill build. I put only one in Venom Arrow because the damage is really not worth it and the duration is constant. Venom Arrow serves only one purpose, to ensure Crusaders can't go into stealth. Meteor shower has a similar purpose, to make Crusaders already in stealth visible. It is basically Magma Bullet, only you have to target it exceptionally well. Together these 2 are Crus killers, but they are only effective against Crus so it would be a waste to max them before Windwalk. Just 1 point in each is sufficient.

  Fighting against Clerics / Seal Masters / Voyagers:

  Unless you're ALOT higher level than they are, you're going to lose, no matter what you do. The only reason SS can ever win against magic classes was because of their ability to seal. Losing that ability leaves you as an open target.

  Fighting against Champions:

  Try all you want your weak damage isn't going to do much to all that CON.

  Fighting against Sharpshooters:

  Unless they're like you (Pure Bow), you're as good as dead. Enfeeble takes out your Dual Shot, leaving you with only normal attacks, which are *sigh* very weak.

  Fighting against Crusaders:

  Probably the only class you can beat. Your first objective is to RUN. Just keep running as fast as you can. It is CRUCIAL you run without a pattern and change directions often. If a Crus can figure out where you are headed, he merely has to time his stun and your dead. After a while, his stealth will run out, this is where you will make your move.

  Firstly he will most likely stealth again. If he is within range, quickly target venom Arrow, killing his stealth and leaving him open. If not, Meteor Shower in the direction you think he was headed for. If he is hit, he will be revealed. If not, simply repeat the running procedure until you get another chance. Once you can see him and they cant stealth, Frozen Arrow / Dual Shot / Attack until he's dead.

  Now you may wonder why I included this PvP part of my guide. All I've really done is talked about how a Pure Bow SS has almost no chance against other classes except Crusaders. Well the reason I did it is to let you know exactly what you're getting into, so that people don't come complaining when they find that their SS is too easy to kill in PvP.

  Pure Bow SS may not be the best chars in game, but I sure had alot of Fun making one and it's nice to have a change from the regular builds I see every day.

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I like magma + meteor, then venom. Cause I don't always get lucky -o-
I don't know why a lot of people say it's not possible to do magma and meteor together.


lol u can itll just take very long. magma is a gun skill and meteor is a bow skill. if u wanan use both u hav to change weapons in between.


Cast + switch.
Takes less than a second to be able to use your bow skills. Unless you lag. Especially magma animation...


Only high level bow I have seen is twilight and I heard it is good.


lvl 70 bows are really good =], but theyre also very rare. also twighlight most ppl do hav that problem. besides i made a bow SS coz i was sick of guns, using magma kinda defeats the whole purpose of it... btw if u can hit them with magma wats the point of using meteor afterwards?

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Good. Highlight/index/digest.


wow ty heaps Kome lol


Wait... there's Bows in between 35 and 70 isn't there? Twilight's mentioned them a few times.
They're the crafted ones with really random level requirements...
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err really? because i have never seen one lol. i mean NEVER. ive opened at least 2 stacks of each blue print type ive never seen a design for a bow higher than 35 before.

but if other ppl hav gotten them thats even better news for bow SS lol. ty for the info ill add to guide.