Story Quests Guide [Part 2] *Revamped*

Story Quests Guide [Part 2] *Revamped*

46) Sea Haven
"When I was the captain of a powerful merchant fleet a long time ago, my travels brought me to Autumn Island. The Behemoth we captured from there would bring me a fortune.
On the way back, I stopped by Nine Haven, a person called Andrew sold me rare magical items, claiming that the magical fruit was part of Pirate King Roland's treasures.
Eating the fruit will give you magical powers. I did not believe him but at the point of time, I had a spare 100000g so I bought it as a souvenir.
The rest as you know is history. You should look for Andrew to solve the mistery of the feral animals. Go to Argent Harbor and look for Shirley at (2243, 2826) for directions."

Quest Objective:
Ask Harbor Operator - Shirley at (2243, 2826) about the coordinates of the Nine Haven.

Just go talk to Harbor Operator - Shirley in Argent City Harbor at (2243, 2826 Ascaron).

"Nine Haven? I have been sailing for years and haven't heard of the place. I'm sorry, I cannot help you there."

Reward: 5000 exp, 2000g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point
LifeSkill Points until now: 18

Talk again to Shirley to activate next quest.

47) Navigation Map
"Although I have no knowledge of it, there are others that may know.
The Haven in the sea was attacked several times by pirates until it was destroyed. Usually during the reconstruction of the Haven, there will be a change in its name.
I remember when I was studying at Argent City Maritime School, I once heard my teacher mentioned a place called Woody Haven where is a harbor operator who was called the 'Living Map of the sea'.
His name is... Baros! Maybe you can try to look for him and question him. However, there are great dangers in the open sea so be prepared.
Oh right, the location of the Haven is at (2024, 2752) other than this I can't help you anymore. Good luck!"

Quest Objective:
Ask Harbor Operator - Baros in Woody Haven at (2024, 2752) about the coordinates of the Nine Haven.

Time for some "Sea Travelling". Your job is to sail to (2024, 2752 Magical Ocean)
If you haven't a ship yet, head to Shaitan City and buy one there from good ol' Franklin at (900, 3668 Magical Ocean).
If you sail from Shaitan, you can arrive at Woody Haven in no time. Look at the map below.

(Map by Dwolfy)

Notice the red dots on it? They're entrance to to the Treasure Gulf. We'll make use of them.
Enter in portal to Treasure Gulf #1 (877, 3756 Magical Ocean).
Now head to the exit portal #2 (606, 1083 Treasure Gulf), paying attention to not get close to lvl60 Spirit Ships.
You'll find yourself at (2202, 2781 Magical Ocean). Just sail west a bit and you'll reach Woody Haven.
Talk to Baros at (2024, 2752 Magical Ocean). No need to get off your ship to do this.

"Huh? Who are you? How did you know about Nine Haven? I am not a person who easily gives away information. *cough*"

Reward: 2649 exp, 1680g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point.
LifeSkill Points until now: 19

Talk again to Baros to activate next quest.

48) Challenge Sea Jelly
"*Cough* If you want to know so badly, you have to help me run an errand.
Back in my younger days I was termed the one and only 'Walking Map', I travelled between many places.
In my greed, I did not take care of my health and contracted this persistent cough.
*Cough* The only thing to sooth it is to drink a soup brewed by Tempest Sea Jelly Crystal. I will need 15 to last me for some time.
*Cough* Those Sea Jellies are nearby. Come back to me when you have 15 and I may give you some information."

Quest Objective:
Bring 15 Tempest Sea Jelly Crystals to Baros in Woody Haven at (2024, 2752).
Obtain "Tempest Sea Jelly Crystal" x15


Collect 15 Tempest Sea Jelly Crystals from lvl36 Tempest Sea Jelly at (2259, 3207 Magical Ocean).
Remember that Baros, being an Harbor Operator, can repair/refuel your ship when needed.
Head back to him at (2024, 2752 Magical Ocean) once you're done.

"*Cough* Not bad. Let me brew the medicine."

Reward: 5848 exp, 3422g, 26625 life skill exp.
LifeSkill Points until now: 19

Talk again to Baros to activate next quest.

49) Sailing
"That wasn't so hard wasn't it? Since you are a young and energetic person, help me with one more errand.
Here's some goods I need to transport to Icicle Harbor. It's not that far."

Quest Objective:
Send the Parcel of Baros to Harbor Operator - Silion in Icicle Harbor at (1214, 661)

Make sure to have a free inventory slot for the parcel.
Get back on land. Go to Icicle City Harbor and talk to Silion at (1214, 661 Deep Blue).

"You are the postman sent by Baros? You're very late! Baros sent a courier to tell me about your arrival.
I waited very long, did you met with a lot of troubles on your way here?
By the way, Baros had this letter for you."

Reward: 2924 exp, 1711g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point.
LifeSkill Points until now: 20

Talk again to Silion to activate next quest.

50) The Li Brothers
When you get this letter, I know that you have successfully delivered the goods. Before you read on, take a deep breath.
I am really sorry for lying to you, I am actually not the 'Walking Map' that you are looking for, but do not get angry.
I do know who the 'Walking Map' is as he is my twin brother. As you are so sincer, for your information, he lives in Icicle Castle. His name is Luke, bring my letter along and show it to him at (1320, 585).
P.s. He is my twin brother so he will look like me!"

Quest Objective:
Bring the Letter of Baros to Luke in Icicle City at (1320, 585).

Make sure to have a free inventory slot for the letter.
Head a bit North-east and talk to Luke at (1320, 585 Deep Blue).

"Hmm... This letter is from my brother, seems like you are another victim of him.
He always pretends to be me in jest, I hope you are not angry, it's just a prank he plays all the time, he is a nice person actually."

Reward: 3225 exp, 1742g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point.
LifeSkill Points until now: 21

Talk again to Luke to activate next quest.

51) Activity Preparation
"Although I do know where 'Nine Haven' is, I must warn you in advance.
The place is fraught with danger and peril. I do hope you are strong enough to face the trials ahead.
I do not wish to send a person to their death so I propose a trial.
Head east by ship from Icicle Harbor till you reach an area full of Feral Skeleton Fish. Bring back 12 Skeleton Fish Scales and I will present you with a reward."

Quest Objective:
Bring 12 Skeleton Fish Scales to Luke in Icicle City at (1320, 585)
Obtain "Skeleton Fish Scale" x12


Head back to Shaitan Harbor. Set sail a bit west to (733, 3697 Magical Ocean).
Collect 12 Skeleton Fish Scales from lvl27 Skeleton fishes.
Head back to Luke in Icicle at (1320, 585 Deep Blue) when done.

"Looks like you have succeeded!
Let me use the scales you brought back to make a Ring of Fish Scale. You will be powerful out in the sea if you wear this ring."

Reward: 7110 exp, 3548g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 Ring of Fish Scale (quest item).
LifeSkill Points until now: 21

Talk again to Luke to activate next quest.

52) Blessing Hand
"Hmm. This Ring of Sea gives you the strength of the sea, but it requires an experienced soul to use it. Thus you cannot use it yet.
From Icicle Castle, head east. You will need to cross a narrow path to reach Icespire Haven. There you will meet Master Kerra. His touch is rumored to be able to bring anything to life. Obtain blessing from him and return to me."

Quest Objective:
Bring the Ring of Fish Scale to Icespire Haven and request for Master Kerra's blessing at (2664, 654).

Head to Atlantis Haven and teleport from there to Skeleton Haven, and then Icespire Haven.
Talk to Master Kerra at (2664, 654 Deep Blue).

"Young Adventurer, are you here for directions? Or perhaps a ring? Anyway, you have found me."

Reward: 3916 exp, 1807g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point.
LifeSkill Points until now: 22

Talk again to Master Kerra to activate next quest.

53) Spiritual Strength
"Countless people have requested my blessings. In fact, only a selected few has their wish granted, that is because I am only a guide. I have a strong mental power thus I can guide them successfully. Only those of pure heart can obtain the blessings. I do not wish to give you false hopes.
Prove to me by heading eastwards towards the Icespire Haven, from there head north. You will find a group of Undead Archers at (2746, 450). Among them hides a Master Archer, he was resurrected by an unknown force. Kill him and bring his 'Radiant Soul' so I can put him to rest."

Quest Objective:
Bring back a Radiant Soul to Master Kerra in Icespire Haven at (2664, 654).
Obtain "Radiant Soul" x1


Defeat lvl45 Undead Archers at (2738, 499 Deep Blue) until they drop a Radiant Soul.
Go back to Master Kerra at (2664, 654 Deep Blue) once done.

"Youhave done it, now I am convinced that you are the destined one.
I shal bless you on your journey and activate the power of your ring, let evil tremble at the land's new champion."

Reward: 8620 exp, 3682g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 Sparkling Ring of Fish Scale (Ring +5% Attack Speed).
LifeSkill Points until now: 22

54) Return to Icicle
"Now is time to return to Icicle Castle and have a chat with Luke about the location of 'Nine Haven'."

Quest Objective:
Return to Luke in Icicle City at (1320, 585).

Head back to Luke in Icicle at (1320, 585 Deep Blue).

"Dear Friend, I know you are successful.
Prepare for what lies ahead."

Reward: 5211 exp, 1910g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point.
LifeSkill Points until now: 23

Talk again to Luke to activate next quest.

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55) Go Forth to Ninth Haven
"The Nine Haven you are talking about, existed 10 years ago.
Back then it was a merchantile trading port protected by the royal navy. They were raided by pirates and razed to ruins.
When it was rebuilt it was renamed Aerase Haven. Due to the victory the pirates had over the Navy, it is considered pirate domain.
Not many people remember the area 'Nine Haven' as new about it's sacking were supressed. The coordinates are (2042, 635) in the Magical Ocean. Look for Harbor Operator - Buni, he will help you."

Quest Objective:
Head out to Aerase Haven in Magical Ocean and look for Harbor Operator - Buni at (2042, 635)

Head to the Shaitan Port and set sail.
Remember the Treasure Gulf shortcut? We'll be making use of it once more!

(Map by Dwolfy)

This time we'll be get out from portal #3:
Entrance -> Portal #1 - Magical Ocean (877, 3756)   <----------> Treasure Gulf (734, 1032)
Exit -> Portal #3 - Treasure Gulf (700,920) <----------> Magical Ocean (1000, 375)
Head now to (2042, 635 Magical Ocean) and talk to Harbor Operator - Buni.

"What? You're looking for Nine Haven?! Haha, you're standing on it."

Reward: 12572 exp, 3966g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point.
LifeSkill Points until now: 24

Talk again to Buni to activate next quest.

56) Who is Andrew?
"This is what Nine Haven was 10 years ago. We now mingle freely here with the pirates.
They are not too bad after all. Just a random bar fight here and there, that's about it.
I came here after the reconstruction, I have never heard of an Andrew or anyone who has similar sounding names.
You should visit that old goat Pirate Jeremy. Head east towards the Isle of Chill at (2362, 657), you should find him."

Quest Objective:
Enquire about Andrew from Pirate Jeremy at (2362, 657)

Sail east to (2370, 753 Magical Ocean) and port in Isle of Chill. Follow the west coast to Pirate Jeremy at (2362, 657 Magical Ocean). Stay as close as possible to the coast if the lvl57 Northern Pirates give you trouble. Talk to Jeremy.

"Who is Andrew? I don't recall! I don't even know you, leave me alone!!!"

Reward: 8292 exp, 2097g, 26625 life skill exp.
LifeSkill Points until now: 24

Talk again to Jeremy to activate next quest.

57) Navy Don't Move!
"You are such a bother! I f you wish to get some information from me then first, you'll have to help me out on this task.
On the northern most side of this island, you will find a detachment of Navy Rifleman. Or at least is what they claim to be...
In my opinion, they seem to be even more heartless and cruel compared to us pirates because they go about blackmailing helpless old men and throwing them onto another island as exile! Help me teach them a lesson by defeating 5 Navy Riflemen."

Quest Objective:
Defeat 5 Navy Riflemen and return to Pirate Jeremy at (2362, 657)
Hunt "Navy Riflemen" x5


Head to the extreme north side of the island and defeat 5 Navy Riflemen at (2383, 560 Magical Ocean).
If it's too hard killing them head-on or just getting to the place, sail to north coast of the island and attack them from your ship.
Go back to Pirate Jeremy at (2362, 657 Magical Ocean) when done.

"It looks like you are a skilled person who does not cower in fear at the sight of the Navy. Very Good!"

Reward: 21776 exp, 4436g, 26625 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point.
LifeSkill Points until now: 25

Talk again to Jeremy to activate next quest.

58) Jack Again
"Young one, Ilike your bravery. Andrew has been living on this island for years but he changed his name to Darwen and led a secluded life. Nobody knows that he is Andrew.
A year ago, a group of pirates figured out that Darwen and Andrew were the same person, they persuaded him to go with them. I vaguely remember that they were men from Jack the Pirate's group. I think you might wanna go to Jack the Pirate's Headquarters at Canary Isle."

Quest Objective:
Sneak into the remote part of Canary Isle and look for Captain Jack at (1672, 3777)

Teleport to Canary Isle. You can do that even from the teleporter on Isle of Chill.
Go talk to Jack at (1672, 3777 Magical Ocean).

"Well well, we meet again. I believe that you already guessed that I am the infamous Jack the Pirate.
I do hope you don't go around telling everyone who I am."

Reward: 13026 exp, 2303g, 26625 life skill exp.
LifeSkill Points until now: 25

Talk again to Jack to activate next quest.

59) I'll be Back
"Hmm, no, I mean that, oh, I have nothing for you now. Maybe next time. Go back now."

Quest Objective:
Look for Captain Jack at (1672, 3777)

Talk again to Jack.

60) Investigation
"Who sent you? Davy? Jones? Sparrow?
Forget it, like it matters. Andrew? Hmm that name seems to ring a bell. Guess he went fishing a few days ago. Look, I do have 8000 crew members, I cannot possibly remember all their names. Everyone has an Emblem of his own name. Why don't you go look it yourself."

Quest Objective:
Obtain "Jack's Sailor Emblem" x1
Obtain "Jack's Fighter Emblem" x1
Obtain "Jack's Militia Emblem" x1
Obtain some Emblems from Jack's henchmen to prove that you are carrying out an "Investigation".


Just kill the 3 kind of pirates on Canary until you get 1 Emblem per kind.
Talk again to Jack when done.

"The emblem in your hand belongs to my crew, how did the thing go?
Wait! Wait! Why is there blood on the emblem? Don't tell me that... Nevermind, forget it. Do not investigate any further.
Darn Andrew... He would not let me have a peaceful day even after he is dead. Look for me again at a later time. I will tell you the whole story."

Talk again to Jack to activate next quest.

61) Memento of Andrew
"As you know Andrew changed his name to Darwen. But he cannot fool me with such an anagram. There has been multiple warrants for his arrest.
When I eventually found him, I offered him the chance of either being brought to trial or joining my crew, he chose the latter. Six months later, he contracted a strange disease. We had no choice but to put him on a raft and send him away. The tradition of pirates states that when a crew member is no longer with us, his treasures and belongings are shared by those still alive, you have to ask permission from me mates to be able to collect his belongings."

Quest Objective:
Find Jack's underling and get back Memento of Andrew.
Obtain "Memento of Andrew" x1


Time for some more pirate hunting ^^
Hunt pirates on Canary Isle until they drop the Memento.
Go talk to Jack at (1672, 3777 Magical Ocean) when done.

"Yes, this are the belongings of Andrew. I have not taken a look into it yet."

Reward: 30000 exp, 5000g, 20000 life skill exp, 1 LifeSkill Point, 1 Beautiful Chest.
LifeSkill Points until now: 26

Double click on the "Memento of Andrew" to activate the next quest.
Wait before doing so if you're not sure, the next quests depend on if you're in a Pirate Guild, Navy Guild or guildless.

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It is safe to double click on the Memento of Andrew to see which quest would be activated.  After reading the message, you can still click cancel.  If you're in a Navy Guild, it might be a good idea to let your guildmates know that you're taking a break from the guild to do this quest since not doing so will cost you 2,000,000 gold in the next quest.  (To quit your guild, bring up the guild window by pressing alt-c and click on exit).  Alternatively, you could ask your guildmates if they want to help you finance the 2 mil fee.  My guess is they'd rather you just temporarily quit.  ;)


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Wrong idea, those 2m will not be taken from you, you just need to have 2m in cash to complete quest. So just borrow from someone in guild 2m for few minutes and it will be enough.


Interesting piece of info Elgrum, i'll be testing that when working on the next part


i dont understand anything from the new guides.they are shit



why after i got the ancient key i can have next quest?
i talk to the banker at thundoria but nothing happen


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Rather than making pointless comments... why don't you tell us what your problem is >.>

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Double click on the ancient key to activate next quest.


once again very good job.....WAITING FOR PART 5


Thanks again
Part 3 is gonna take some time... that's since i'm a bit busy this week, and plus I'll have to document all the 3 sides in which the quests split o.o