[Others] Legendary Tree of Fortune Full Guide

Legendary Tree of Fortune Full Guide


[Argent]      - 2101,2753   2242,2752

[Icicle]         - 1209,500     1313,703   1468, 532

[Shaitan]     - 875,3435     970,3622

[Thundoria] - 832, 1448    807, 1630


Lucky Packet - [0.67%]: Red Paper, Experience, Gold, Rare Bonus of 66600 experience and 10 000+ gold , Crystalline Blessing

Fortune Packet - [0.13%]: Red Paper, Fancy Petal, Snowy Grass, Medicated Grass, Bud, Ticket to Andes Forest Haven, Strange Fruit, Thundoria Ticket, Ticket to Sacred Snow Mountain, Snowy Grass Bud, Ticket to Lone Tower, Potion of Bull, Elven Fruit Juice, Ticket to Barren Cavern, Ticket to Abandoned Mine 2, Dyes, Heaven's Berry, Charmed Berry, Mystic Fruit, Rainbow Fruit, Old Ticket, Magical Potion, Ticket to Oasis Haven, Ticket to Icespire Haven, Liquorice Potion, Fiery Gem

Prosperous Packet - [0.01%]: Heavens Berry, Letter Cards, Charmed Berry, Mystic Fruit, Stat Reset Books, Ticket to Thundoria Castle, Ticket to Thundoria Harbor, Ticket to Oasis Haven

Woodcutting Guide - (Created by dwolfy)

- Using Golden Axe and skill level don't affect the drop rate.
- If more than 20 players chop the tree at the same time the droprate falls to 0%.
- These items are confirmed. If you get other item post it and I will add it to the list!

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YorY -  Level 86 - Crusader - Mermaid Server


Lucky - 8g
Fortune - 88g, strange fruit, thundoria ticket, sacred snow mountain ticket
Prosperous - Charmed Berry, and Card G (it would be better just to say all letter cards)

8x -- BC


Lucky - red paper
Fortune - snowy grass bud, ticket to lone tower


whats this tree thing ?


fortune: Potion of bull, Elven fruit juice
Phoenix 72 ss


hey but what is red paper good for? o.o
Sayth * 86 * Silenced * Rainbow


From the TOP index page it said:

"3. A new activity called the “Legendary Tree of Fortune” is coming – Four special tree NPCs will appear at (2099, 2753) Argent, (830, 1450) Thundoria, (1468, 532) Icicle and (980, 3476) Shaitain, pirates could go and cut them for nice awards, please notice that if the simultaneous participants exceed 25 at a same spot, the tree won’t drop anything then."

So you can actually exchange stuff with the NPCs?
Anyone know when the event ends/whether the NPCs/items will disappear after the event etc?


Oh yeah, by the way I got yellow and cyan dye from either the lucky packet or the fortune packet, can't remember


Lucky: 8 Gold, Red Paper, 100 XP, 200 XP, 300 XP
Fortune: Barren Cave Ticket, Abandoned Mine 2 Ticket

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One of my Lucky's (when I spammed a large group) provided a letter card.