A Christmas Tale in TOP - The Xmas Village(update)

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A Christmas Tale in TOP - The Xmas Village(update)

Yo-ho-ho-ho, Christmas is here and it's time for us to be feastin' and makin' merry again! (Well, not like we pirates ain't already doing that all round the year anyway…) Still, the festive warmth fills the sea-salted wintry air with an extra dose of delight, and the TOP team is goin' to add on to that jolly cheer with the addition of a special map, the Xmas Village, which is filled with wondrous adventures and excitement. Check out below for the carousal of fun events lined up in the village!
C'mon mateys, take a trip down to Xmas Village this snowy season and have an absolutely magical Christmas only in Tales of Pirates!

I. Lil' Siblings – Xmas Daily Quest

Quest story:
10 kids born from a very rare and special set of decaplets (Trivia: That's the name for 10 babies from the same birth!) were happily touring Argent City when a sudden gale blew and carried each of them to different corners of the TOP world! Will you help find them and reunite the Lil' Siblings in time for Christmas? They have strong telepathy and will reveal clues to the whereabouts of one another.

Quest Pick-up Point:

Argent City NPC Lil' One (2226, 2713)

Quest details:

1. You can only complete the quest for each sibling once per day.
2. Any incomplete quests will end after 24:00 EST(GMT-5) every day. You will need to restart the quest the next day.
3. If you delete any quest halfway through, you will not be able to accept the quest again for that day.
4. If you follow the NPC's directions and complete the entire series of quests, there will be 800,000 EXP and a special Christmas Surprise Gift waiting for you at the end as rewards!

II. Greetings & Wishes Upon the Christmas Tree

1. There lies a tall and glowing Christmas Tree in Xmas Village. Bring along a Christmas Greeting Card and make a wish at the tree. Your well wishes will be announced in your server! There will be fireworks all around the tree as well, so sit back and enjoy the visual festive feast!

2. Buy an Empty Stocking from the NPC Cinderella (133,169) and hang it on the tree to fill it with presents! But remember, Filled Stockings can only be opened after you have been online in the game for 24 hours.

III. Christmas Gift Bearer –Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer

We have a mystery guest in Argent City for Christmas this year. He' s none other than Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer (2233,2780)! Armed with gifts galore, he' s all ready to give them away to pirates who can trade him some Award Permits, as follow:

How to get Award Permits?
Buy Summon Scrolls from the Item Mall. They include Death Knight Summon Scroll, Huge Mud Monster Summon Scroll, Snowman Warlord Summon Scroll, Soul of Goddess Summon Scroll and Wandering Soul Summon Scroll. These monsters can only be summoned in the Xmas Arena and are slightly stronger than the monster found in the arena. They have high HP but can only deal normal attacks. The EXP they give when killed is 20 times higher than other monsters of their level. When defeated, they may drop Santa's Cart, which opens to reveal any of the following items (which includes the Award Permit):

Level 2 Refining Gem Voucher *1
Christmas Cap*1
Award Permit*1
Fairy Speed-up Fruit *30
Unique Gem Voucher *1
World-shaking Rebirth Lottery *1
Super Exciting Fruit *1
Locke's Treasure Map *3
Attribute Reset Stone *1
Christmas Lollipop *1

IV. Xmas EXP Charge

Speak to Kuen (144,250) and he will send you to Xmas Arena. Collect 10 Turkey's Feathers or 10 Snowman's Eyesball or 10 Elk's Pointed Horns to redeem for Christmas Vouchers, which will open to reveal the following:

2X Exp for 1 hour
2X Drop rate for 1 hour
4X Exp for 30 mins
10X EXP for 12 mins

The vouchers can only be used from December 19th 2011, 9:00 to February 13th 2012, 8:00

V. Xmas Festive Fiesta

Hunt Turkeys down for some Turkey Meat! Hand them to NPC Physhed located at the top left hand corner of Xmas Village, who will then whip up a "Turkey Meat" for you. Amass 10 "Turkey Meat" and "Christmas Rose" and you will get one yummy "Christmas Dinner"! Each character can only whip a maximum of 3 "Christmas Dinner".

The 1st time making christmas dinner: 10 "Turkey Meat" and "Christmas Rose" and 10,000 gold.
The 2nd time making christmas dinner: 10 "Turkey Meat" and "Christmas Rose" and 1,000,000 gold.
The 3rd time making christmas dinner: 10 "Turkey Meat" and "Christmas Rose" and 10,000,000 gold.

VI. Reverse Xmas Village

Entrance: Xmas Village (130,156)

Opening times: Opens 3 times every day at 13:00, 19:00, 22:00. 40 minutes for each session. The entrance will remain open for 40 minutes.

The ToP Team

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ty KKB


Some typo for - IV. Xmas EXP Charge

The vouchers can only be used from December 19th 2011, 9:00 to December 13th 2011, 8:00
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what's a reverse xmas village ?


are we in top1 getting anything beside a mall ur ass off,while top2 get to enjoy this event?


W T F  IGG!?

Doesnt our money smell the same from us here in Top1?

So I bought this for nothing?

Sheeze IGG wuts wrong with you? The kids in TOP1 would luv to have xmas village many here never ever seen it yet since we didnt have it last year.

It wasn't buggy wutsoever so why can't we in TOP1 have it back this year? o.o

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just wait till they announce it... jeez
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Reverse xmas is like chaos argent but without pk and a lot of evil santa's to kill between lvl 20-60 (or was it 80?)

Hopefully the damage reduction is active again in those turkey killing rooms like last time, so magic classes do more damage then crus.

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10x EXP for 12min?Amazing lol


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Wah! X mas Dinner!!! And x10 exp!! So nice lvling


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This make me think to be more active at Carribean in-game
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