[Activities] Join ToP II Closed Beta Events To Win Fabulous Prizes

Join ToP II Closed Beta Events To Win Fabulous Prizes

I.Multiple EXP Event
Duration:10:00pm May 6th - 10:00pm May 8th EDT (GMT-4) (update)
During the event players defeating monsters will receive triple times the EXP they would normally get.

II.Grand Presentation event
Duration:11:00pm May 9th EDT (GMT-4)
The GM will appear by the fountain in Shaitan City to give out some surprising rewards at random! It's a grand opportunity for everyone to win some cool prizes. Come join the fun!

III.NAKED Marathon
Duration:11:00pm May 13th EDT (GMT-4)
The GM will appear near Argent pool to kick off the event. Entrants must take off all their equipment and run after GM to a specified location. Entrants may encounter monsters along the way, with only those who successfully arrive at the final destination taking home the GM’s Rewards.

IV.Hunt down the Evil BOSS
Duration:11:00pm May 16th EDT (GMT-4)
After the event has started an evil BOSS will appear around Shaitan City. Those who successfully defeat this BOSS will obtain a set of Level 70 equipment and some special GM rewards.

V.Sand Bag Critters' Party event
Duration:11:00pm May 20th EDT (GMT-4)
Around Shaitan city there are many Sand Bag monsters, from Level 1 - 3. Defeat them all to gain tons of experience.

VI.Q & A event
Duration:11:00pm May 23th EDT (GMT-4)
The GM will ask questions through the System Channel, and the players who answer first through World Channel will win rewards.

VII.Big Purchase event
Duration:11:00pm May 27th EDT (GMT-4)
The GM will appear at (905, 3574) Shaitan City to purchase some specific items. Players can set stalls there with these items up for sale. The GM doesn’t have much money, so get your stall ready and don't overcharge!

VIII.Finding the NPC event
Duration:11:00pm May 30th EDT (GMT-4)
The GM will appear next to a specified NPC. The first 5 players to find him will be rewarded!


Wahh i will miss closed beta

Hoping for a new server by summer break ^^.


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yeh i can take it huhu thx q


THANKS IGG! This is going to be awesome kicking off the closed beta. Hope the times wont be so late though...;O dont want to miss them!!!


10pm,11pm(GMT-4) convert to my country time is 10am,11am
Is my school time
Aw >_<
I want join !!

Nvm. My bad luck  =(X.x)=


europe is out >_>


....europe is out -.- yct05


and south america, and half of asia is also out.
CONTROL YOURSELF EUROPEANS! you not the center of the world o_O
and ya. well are GM events, they work 8 hour a day, do you spect them to log in while they sleep or something?
with love V


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of course we aren't the center of the world, but we are the center of the world's time zone <.<
and btw, igg gets so much money that it shouldn't be hard to hire a guy or 2 around europe, and double the events, checking IPs or another method.

just my oppinion. dont fight back too hard, im lasy to reply z.z