[Others] [Mini Guide] Xmas Tree Wishes

[Mini Guide] Xmas Tree Wishes

Xmas Trees can be found at the 3 main cities and Xmas village. Basically you need to farm Christmas Greeting Cards from mobs and bring them to the tree.

You need to convert one Christmas Greeting Card into one Wishing Card (need to pay 10000 gold to convert). Choose 'Select Blessing' and confirm. You will get a Wishing Card and a system message will appear in your server.
There are total 7 well-wishes there and each wish will create one system message (7 different messages).

Choose the second option now to choose one of five rewards there.

5 options available are:

Rewards you will get for each option:
1. 'I want to be a rich person' gives you 50000 gold and You can't see me
2. 'I want to eat something delicious' gives you 3 scholar wines, 3 buns, 3 steam buns and You can't see  me
3. 'I want safety arms' gives you 3 Full body armor and You can't see me
4. 'I want to be more powerful' gives you 3 Battle array and You can't see me
5. 'I want a romantic Christmas' gives you 3 Roses (not christmas rose btw), 3 Honey's Chocolate, 3 Royal Salute A and You can't see me

The item 'You can't see me' looks like a voodoo doll and will disappear when server time reaches 00:00

Merry Christmas everyone, hope this can help.


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Original posted by Insanes at 12-24-2009 01:32 PM
This doll shows every xmas time (every year), when you've used your wishing card. I wonder why technics didnt fixed it yet. Mainly this item prolly blocking your wishes, because you got limit if you r ...
yea that item doesn't really give anything. it blocks you from using wishes on the same day with the same character twice. that's all