[Notice] FREE Lunch, FREE Fun!

FREE Lunch, FREE Fun!

Event Duration:

7:00am January 5th --- 5:00pm January 5th EST(GMT-5)

Event Location:
Epic World
Mystic Ocean
Dream Islands

Event Flow:

Step 1: Players log in game (skip this step if you've already been in game.)
Step 2: Log out, and the system will record this time as your start time.
Note: Please log out at regular as shown in the figure , otherwise could not record your online time

Step 3: Go to the event page to sign-in here.
Step 4: Log into the game and remain online for 3 hours.
Step 5: Entrants log out game again.
Step 6: Entrants should return back to the event page. Players can click Submit button
before 5:00pm January 5th to get your rewards. (System will then calculate your total online time till now.)
Awards Period
2:00pm January 5th  -- 5:00pm January 6th EST (GMT-5)
During the awarding period players can click the Draw Rewards button to get your rewards.
1. All players can enter this event, but only players whose account has at least one Level 66 or above character
can draw rewards after the event ends. One account can draw the rewards only once.

2. Entrants should log out of the game once after the event has started, or the system won't record your online time.

3. Lv66-Lv86 entrants whose total online time reaches 3 hours during the event will obtain Mystic Package(Lv66-Lv86).
Lv87-Lv100 entrants whose total online time reaches 3 hours during the event will obtain Mystic Package(Lv87-Lv100).
Lv101 and above entrants whose total online time reaches 3 hours during the event will obtain one Mystic Package(Lv101-Lv130).
(The system will automatically calculate the entrants' online time. Entrants must quit the game before getting their actual online time shown on the event page.)

Mystic Package(Lv66-Lv86)
Auto Ration*10
3x Exp Fruit(Untradable)*3
Christmas Dinner*3

Mystic Package(Lv87-Lv100)
Junior Magic Powder*15
Christmas Dinner*10
3x Exp Fruit(Untradable)*5

Mystic Package(Lv101-Lv130)
Great Fairy Ration*9
Grand Exp Gift*2
Lv5 Sand Bag*3

4. Entrants should make sure their total online time meets the requirement during the event. Logging in/ Logging off during the event will have no effect on your participation in the event.

5. Winners should draw their rewards before the awards deadline.

The TOP Team
ty KKB


And where do I inregistrate? :/


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  • Majumita Favor +5 Favorable 1-6-2013 03:12 PM


WOW yey


C'mon Canty! Get another round started, I want to reach 73 already x.x
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  • maximom4 Favor +1 Do I know you? You sound familiar... 1-11-2013 05:35 PM


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wait for saturday u ugleh xD
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Well, This obv means I'm having all my alts lv86 since now it's from lv66... and lv66 is really easy to get...
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  • luisamaria33 Favor +5 i agree with that statement xD its almos 1-12-2013 10:21 AM


means u have good pc


The time for this is a pain in the ass, I have to either stay up until 1am or wake up before 8am to log on, and there are other things I'd rather do at 8 in the morning, like sleep.......
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