Best Gems for crusader gloves?

Best Gems for crusader gloves?

Hi all i would like to know what is the best gems to put in crusader gloves. Ive heard lust locks and bd heart. Some says lust lock and Az Aggr.
Pls i would like to know. Thx and happy gaming.


it depends

if you're more of a str-agi melee type person, i'd recommend the lock, lust, aggregation combo assuming that you're willing to sacrifice the extra hp for more hit rate which makes sense since as a str-agi, you're aiming for a higher attack speed to kill people and the hit rate is necessary to insure your attacks don't miss

if you're more of a str-con slasher type, then go with the lock, lust, bd heart since you still get a good amount of hit rate but you have the extra hp to help tank attacks since your primary focus is using your IS to kill people and not run up to them and melee them to death

but you can also go with the lock, lust, bd heart combo as a str-agi melee type since your extra attack speed can make up for your lack of hit rate (the more times you attack, more chances you get a hit)

but you don't have to follow any of these guidelines, just go with w/e you feel is best suited for your situation or you can afford


lust lock agre for uber maller
lust lock hearts for the rest of us

also i wouldnt consider putting agre's unless i could forge a 1-6, the hitrate you get from acc is pretty low

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Low tier - Lust Heart
Mid tier - Lust Lock heart
Hardcore malling tier - Lust Lock aggre

The only reason hardcore cruz do not use BD heart is because they have high con from undead and colossus gems, high PR from malling BD souls.  They could tank ISs from other cruz, so they go for dodge and hit rate, as well as speed pot etc to be a melee machine.  Basically when they click you with IS or melee, you die.


you get around 3 hit rate per 5 acc

so with a lv5 aggregation you'd have 24 more hit rate

of course unless you can afford lv5 or higher aggregation in your gloves, it's probably not worth it unless you really need the hit rate and you feel that you already have enough hp

sg uses a lv7 aggregation in his gloves and no bd hearts at all (not in his shoes either) but that's because he has enough hp as it is so yeah

unless you can afford such a thing, more probable solution is to go with the bd hearts ^^


Thx alot for the answeres. So with other words the aggr isnt worth it until can have a lvl5+ Aggr in the gloves? And another question? HEHE
Is there multiplier when reach a certain amount of hitrate?

AGAIN thx for the answeres. Thx alot happy gaming.