Tales of Pirates 2 Pucca Double EXP / Double Drop System

Tales of Pirates 2 Pucca Double EXP / Double Drop System

Hi there. This is one of the first guides for the new Tales of Pirates 2. Here you will learn how PUCCA NPC works. The new double exp and double drop rate system works

A few notes before we begin:
First: Some information may not be accurate, since the game is still on close beta and i can make mistakes. Giving me new information is highly, highly welcome.

Second: Don't spam. Don't say unusefull things. Contribute with the guide by criticizing it, correcting it, or praising it.

What is PUCCA?
PUCCa is a new NPC (non-player character) on Tales of Pirates 2. She is responsible for the new fair system of double EXP and double drop-rate of Top 2, called "Double-effect time". What she do, is giving to you, hours of double exp or double drop-rate for you to enjoy. This is a substitute to the old Multiple Exp carnival event. Instead of giving fixed times of double exp, IGG created this new NPC, so any player can enjoy double exp and double dro-rate without needing to adjust their personal time-zone to IGG multiple exp events.
PUCCA Locations:
Argent: 2184, 2776
Icicle: 1319, 544
Shaitan: 912, 3562

How PUCCA works?
Go to PUCCA NPC and click on her. You will have several options. Le'ts branch and see each one.

I want to Claim Double Experience: CLick here if you want to get double experience or double drop-rate. You can select one of the two, and can't have the two at the same time. When you click on one, you can select how many time you want. 1, 2 or 3 hours. The double-effect doens't acumulate with any item. So, you can't use an Mini-amplifier of strive (or any other amplifier of strive / heaven's berry / nana exp group) when you are on Pucca's double exp effect time.
You also can't use a Charmed Berry when you are on Double drop-rate time from Pucca.
If you was already on effect of some of those itens when you claimed double-effect, the item will simply lost it's effect and be substitued by Pucca's double exp/drop effect.
You have a limit of 10 hours per week for double-effect.

Time Sand
When you claim double-effect, you gain a Time Sand. This is a non-tradable, non-storable, non-sallabe item that check and manage your double-effect. Double-click on it and you can see how many time you still have of the double-effect you claimed. This shows on a system message on chat box. When your double-effect ends, the Sand-Time disappears from your inventory.

I want to manage my double experience: CLicking here will branch you to many new options. The last ones are just explanation, so, see below the two first.
Condense Double Effect Time: You can condense several double effect times into 1 hour of multi-effect time. So, you can raise the 2x exp/drop effect, to 3x, or 4x, by condensing a lot of hours into a single hour of multiplied effect. It doesn't matter how many time you condensate, you still get only 1 hour of multiplified effect. You can only do this with a Time Capsule from ITEMMALL.
Important information: I dind't test the condense double effect time yet because i lack of an Time Capsule. This item doen'st exist on ITEMMALL yet, so, this information may be (and most probably is) inaccurate or completely wrong.

Save Double Effect Time: You can save the remaining double-effect time for the next week. So, if you used only 3 hours on this week for example, you can save the remaining 7 hours to the next week. So, in the next week you will have 17 hours of double-effect time to use.
You can only do this with a Time Jar from ITEMMALL.
Important information: I dind't test the Save Double Effect Time yet because i lack of an Time Jar. This item doen'st exist on ITEMMALL yet, so, this information may be inaccurate.

Time Gel
I want to buy a Time Gel: You can buy a Time Gel here. The Time Gel is an item that can stop the double-effect. It costs 20.000 gold. When you Double-click on it, having a Time-Sand on your inventory (so, having a double-effect time active) the double-effect time stops working and consuming. So, if you had for example, 2 hours left of your claimed double-time, it will stop giving you the double-time effect and also stop consuming the time.
You can only re-activate the double-effect time by buying and using another Time Gel, or buy discarding the stoped Time-Sand.
Important information: This information may be inaccurate.

What is a Time sand?: This option just explain what the Time Sand is.

I Want to check my Double Experience: CLick here and you receive a message from System chat box, saying how many double-effect time you still have to use on the week. Remenber that the remaining time is LOST for the next week. The only way to save it is by the use of the Time-Jar, already explained above.

I want to claim it again: Explain that you can claim as much as you want until your week double-effect time ends.

My Comments: This is one of the best things created on Top2. It is a much fair double-exp system than the Multiple Exp Carnival. Players that live in places with a GMT time to much different from Server, wasn't able to enjoy the Multiple Exp Carnival because the server time doesnt't harmonize with their time. So, this system let's the player manage this by his on time.

And, of course, this also gives IGG new ways to gain profit by selling itens that raise the beneficts and make the Double-Effect from Pucca even more managable.

It is very addictive, though. Clicking without spent a single coin, on a NPC option and seeing your exp flowing on double effect (or your drop-rate) is a addictive thing! You can easily use up all your 10 hours of the week in 2 or 3 days if you are not carefull!

My Closing comments: Thanks for reading this guide. May help you on your leveling and item-hunting career on Tales of Pirates 2. I repeat, please, any type of correction, criticizing is very very very welcome. Praising is good too =)

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nice guide.. wanna try that on this coming server..


nice implement, but if we cant use amp is almost useless. Pls give the chance to combine whit amp! And pls give a last option for at least 2 hours of 3x exp!


Here I can re-write that guide for everyone:

You get 10 hours a week. All information can be found by talking to NPC. When the time sand disappears that you get from NPC Pucca you 2x EXP is over and you have to go claim more.

Seriously, I don't get the idea of making a guide that is directly from the NPC. Perhaps your just trying to get popular on the forums or something?

If you don't know how to claim double EXP from a simple NPC, then you have bigger problems than this tutorial can solve.

Cloud Sea


i want to traslate this guide for spanish  language...