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[Feature Suggestion] New glow for Azrael Gems

We have yellow glows, white glows, blue glows, and red glows. I think we need more variation here. It would be awesome if off the bat you could guess what gems people are using just from the glow of their weapon.

If you didn't know, we have a series of gems known as "Azrael gems".

These gems are simply the best for stats.

Azrael is also the name of the Angel of Death.

Death is usually connected to the color black. This is why we see people wearing black in funerals.

I propose to give Azrael gems new colors, preferably black w/ a negative effect (like maybe black inner glow w/ white outer glow or vice versa). Blue, purple and green would also be nice. With this, we would see new glows.  So what do you players think?

UPDATE: Black glow is currently in the lead.

Business language: New Azrael gem glow= MORE $$$$$

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Poll Options ( single choice ) Number of participants 55  

1.  yes, black glow

29 (52.73%)

2.  yes, blue glow

5 (9.09%)

3.  yes, green glow

7 (12.73%)

4.  no, keep it red

5 (9.09%)

5.  yes, purple glow

9 (16.36%)