[Notice] Free Lunch Event Tips

Free Lunch Event Tips

Dear fellow pirates,

In the Collect Badges and Win Awesome Badges event we found a bug that prevented the collection of Wood Bundles from being stored in players inventory, which in turn prevented players from obtaining the Golden Badge. We have been working to modify this bug,  however, you can still take part in the event to win awesome equipment!

Please make sure there are at least 2 vacant slots in your backpack before you open the Mystic Gift Bag.
The event procedures have been changed a bit. Now, when you have collected enough items, (including 3*99 Silver Badges, 3*99 Sashimi and 3*99 Wood Bundles), come find our GM as soon as possible, and if you are the first one to talk with him, you will win the equipment! Good luck!

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and thanks for your understanding!

The ToP Team


Mission impossible?
How is GM going to trade 298 sashimi and 298 wood bundle?

sashimi per stack is 15 max, multiple trade? 298 sashimi is 20 stacks
Wood bundle is what you put in the boat aka sea commerce/boat item and cant be traded on land.  If you mean wood stack it will be another 15 stacks.


Reply 2# Rovvy's post

gather them together and give it to him  trade by trade
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Original posted by jancy123 at 22/1/2010 02:29
Now, when you have collected enough items, (including 3*99 Silver Badges, 3*99 Sashimi and 3*99 Wood Bundles
Because Sashimi stack size is 15 and wood is 20, maybe you have to change quest description to
"20 stacks of Sashimi and 15 stacks of Wood Bundle" to avoid false calls?


As I had afraid, when the site says wood bundles*, GM really asks for wood bundles which is untradable because it is a sea commerce item(load to boat from NPC)

so 3k wood total and boat wont even hold that many bundles >_>


We already did, we passed the boat to gm with all the bundles, this is 30 full slots on your boat of wood bundle.
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it's a hard quest..
just for professionals xD
but anyway good luck in getting that torso (i want it =()
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