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Dark Swamp Guide

Dark Swamp Guide by Crabstick *updated*

Dark Swamp Maze

Maze Portal Coordinates - Magical ocean 2037,2779
this is the maze only available for Lv40-Lv55.

Useful Stuffs you can get:
Chest of Dark Swamp (Sealed Lv45 Random Equips)
Evanescence Chest (Lv50 Chest) for Champion
Evanescence Chest (Lv50 Chest) for Crusader
Evanescence Chest (Lv50 Chest) for Cleric
Evanescence Chest (Lv50 Chest) for Sealmaster
Evanescence Chest (Lv50 Chest) for SharpShooter
Evanescence Chest (Lv50 Chest) for Voyager
Incantation Chest (Lv40 Chest) for Champion
Incantation Chest (Lv40 Chest) for Crusader
Incantation Chest (Lv40 Chest) for Cleric
Incantation Chest (Lv40 Chest) for Sealmaster
Incantation Chest (Lv40 Chest) for SharpShooter
Incantation Chest (Lv40 Chest) for Voyager
Beautiful Chest
Mystic Chest
Ja Runestone
Tef Runestone
Fel Runestone
Lum Runestone
Mud (This one is like a Beautiful Chest, can get good stuffs like Hairstyling Voucher)
Strengthening Scroll
Fusion Scroll

Dark Swamp Maps (Full Detailed):
These layouts of map is from snowy's mazes guide from PKO forums. I made the chest and boss locations for further information
A Visual Map is better than Coordinates list. Some people go DS then i ask them, Do you know where the boss? Guy:"No but i have coords". Its so stupid to say that. This is not a town where you can use coordinates to go to NPCs. This is a maze. you will only end up on a dead end or in a wrong place which you will have to go all the way back again. This is a maze so i recommend looking the map carefully for Chest Locations and Boss Locations (Sorry for the small dots but you can still see it) while you and your party is inside.


Boss Strategy: This boss is easy but expect it to be taken around 2 minutes since DS open.
Simple Strategy for beginners is have the tanker tank all the mobs while the damage dealers go behind the tree and hit the mini boss.
Chests here in DS1 only drop Beautiful Chests. Rarely Drop Mystic Chest and Fel Runestone.


Boss Strategy: I can say this is the hardest mini boss in DS. This is the only range miniboss and have many minions around him.
Simple strategy for beginners is, have a tanker to tank the mobs while Damage Dealers hit and run it.
Chests here drops Incantation Chests and Beautiful Chests.
The Spawn point is in the Top left corner of the map and the portal going DS3 is in the bottom right corner.


Boss Strategy: This is the 2nd easiest mini boss and the one worth killing since it drop alot of useful items.
Simple Strategy for beginners is, kill the Swamp Warden first at the right then damage dealers camp the wide tree and let the tanker lure the boss at the opposite side.
Chests here drops Evanescence Chests and Beautiful Chests.
The Spawn point is in the bottom right corner.
Huge Mud Monster is not for the fainted hearts. Bring you whole family to kill him.

credits to for the blue mud pic.
The Huge Mud Monster AKA "Blue Mud" for short is the Dark Swamp Final Boss.
Lv50 Boss Monster.
I recommend having a full party with SPR+CON voyagers for them to survive because pure SPR voyagers without unseald equips die easily from this boss.
Revival Cleric is a MUST.
Sharp Shooters and Seal Masters makes the job fast because damage dealers can hit the boss while it is sealed.
Champs must only sit in the tanker's spot in order to lock the Blue Mud's position.

BOSS Features:
Blue Mud is a ranged boss. Don't let him see you.
He has a skill that can silence+slow you (Like an Enfeeble+Cripple combination). Represented by his attack that looks like an arrow, let the cleric cast recover on you right away or else he can hit you again and die because you are moving slow.
Has a very high damage so i recommend HIT AND RUN strategy.

Here is a sample of simple strategy.



Few Advice and Reminders:
1.) Voyagers, dont ask your team leader if he picked up an Evanescence chest for Voyager because the bosses dont drop it. Only DS3 Chests does.
2.) DS is so easy and you can solo all boss if you are pro enough.
3.) For maze campers, 1 pure sea voyager can wipe all enemy ships. Remember, in DS, sea first before land.
4.) Play Safe not unless you have a revival Cleric on your side.
5.) A Visual Map is more useful than Coordinates list.
6.) Remember, What I got here is just a newbie guide for DS or beginner's guide, if you are pro enough, of course you already know your own techniques.
7.) Enjoy Dark Swamp and make it your second home.

CREDITs to: ... bstick-updated.html


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