[Sharpshooter] The Guide to an Accuracy - Agility Sharpshooter

The Guide to an Accuracy - Agility Sharpshooter


- An Accuracy - Agility Sharpshooter mostly relies on higher firegun attack power and higher dodge rates, ignoring their defensive power.

- Higher attack and really high critical hits
- Higher hit rates and dodge rates
- Can attack at farther range

- Low defense and HP
- A slight chance of getting killed by a melee fighter, only if your dodge rate is

- First of all, you need to become Lv 9 or 10 to become a hunter. Take the quest from Newbie Guide of any city (Argent, Shaitan or Icicle), then go to Icicle Swordsman - Ray to take the first task, which is to kill 6 Little White Deers Lv 9, found North of Lower Icicle Castle, go back to him. Then, go to Little Mo, south in Lower Icicle Castle to take the 2nd task, which is to collect 3 bottles, go back to him. Then, go back to Icicle Swordsman - Ray. Voila! You're a hunter.
- Once your Lv 40, go to Icicle Swordsman - Ray to take the Sharpshooter Quest. All you need to do is kill Skeleton Archer Lv 36, found east of Skeleton Haven in Deep Blue Region, and Ninja Mole Lv 38, found in Abandoned Mine 1 & Silver Mine 2 and 3. Also, you have to collect Old Quiver from Skeleton Archers and Ninja Sword from Ninja Moles. Go back to Icicle Swordsman - Ray. Voila! You're a Sharpshooter.

- The effect of this sharpshooter is best if you follow the simple ratio 2:1, meaning, for every 2 accuracy points, there must be 1 agility point.

- For Hunters, these are the skills that you MUST pick, for prerequisites of Sharpshooter skills:
Lv 10 Range Mastery
Lv 2  Dual Shot
Lv 5  Frozen Arrow
(I would recommend rousing, but I don't see how it is effective.)

- For Sharpshooters, you are free to choose your own skills, but I recommend this skill build:
Lv 10 Firegun Mastery
Lv 1 - 5 Magma Bullet
Lv 5 Cripple
Lv 10 Enfeeble
Lv 5 - 10 Headshot

- Normally, there are 3 ways of leveling yourself.
1. Find a mentor to power level you.
2. Kill mobs of your choice or party with someone, you could even boost up your Star Of Unity to get a Lv 50 Battle Rifle of any stat once your Lv 41.
3. Do the "A Hunter's Life" Quest from Icicle Swordsman - Ray. Who knows, you might get a Refining Gem like me .
- If you choose the 2nd way, these are the leveling spots I took using my hunter.
Lv 1 - 9 Do Newbie Quests
Lv 10 - 15 Naiads or Sailor Penguins
Lv 16 - 20 Snowy Shrooms Lv 17, Sailor Squirts Lv 15 and Sailor Squidys Lv 16
Lv 21 - 25 Naive Snow Dolls Lv 21 and Snow Ladies Lv 23
Lv 26 - 30 Battle Tortoises Lv 25, Fallen Naiads Lv 26 and Northern Snails Lv 27
- If you want you can start doing hexathlon after level 30.
Lv 31 - 40 You are free to choose any type of leveling you want.
- I would recommend you to stop doing hexathlon once your Lv 61. I don't find it useful anymore. I usually wait for an Exp Carnival and level at Bloodthirsty Hunters Lv 60.

- During Lv 1 - 40, use the Newbie Box Equipments for now. Once you are Lv 41+, I recommend using unseals. The extra movement speed is quite helpful, but I can suggest equipments from Incantation chests, Evanescence Chests and Enigma Chests too.

- As long as you have a good party with a Cleric or Seal Master, and some Soul Detectors   to detect those evil Crusaders, you have a good chance of winning at PvP.

- I usually want to Cripple or Enfeeble players from a farther distance and then attack them, but then again, it's your own strategy to win at CA.

1. Is Pure Constitution Sharpshooter effective?
- No, in my opinion, because I tried putting constitution on my SS and I find that the extra HP exciting. I was wrong. I am weak against monsters by then because of the low defense and low dodge rates, so it's a failure. I had to make another SS.

2. What would happen if Agility was greater than Accuracy?
- If you did the stat build inversely, the effect would be that you would have lower attack power but higher dodge rates and hit rates.

- If you have any comments, quotes or suggestions, please feel free to talk .


Actually i dint find ur guide good....its...its...#yct73  BAD! Piccolos guide its much better anyway hes a #yct45  (hero) oh well


Most veterans recommend leaving HS at lvl 1.  They say the benefits do not outway the lost skill pts.